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June 02, 2010
Dots & Lines, Dots & Lines
Posted at 12:16 PM


DOT & LINES, DOTS & LINES: Aaron Hilst comes in way hot with this message: “Dig those geometric album covers.”

Here’s what he’s talking about: Project Thirty Three’s incredible collection of album covers that utilize dots and lines and basic shapes to represent some pretty complex music. These always stop me in my tracks when I’m out there. I own a couple, but gave up cuz I just don’t listen to the things. Fun to look at, though. Always worth snapping a picture of ‘em.

- - - -

I LIKE THIS GUY’S STYLE: Tennessee’s Colonel Littleton’s masterful world of leather accessories and general awesome stuff. Make sure you “meet the Colonel.” We like yer style, man, we liiiiike yer style.

- - - -

A CABLE RUNNING THROUGH THE LETTERS: The history of that CNN logo, people. Get it going: “3 letters, 48 hours, 1 logo.”

And, interestingly enough, this link was sent by the fella who wrote the article, Mr. Cody Sigel Combs himself. He works for CNN, so, it’s awesome to be contacted by an internal source. I read CNN each morning on my iPhone when I wake up. Cody, Please tell the rest of the office that the DDC appreciates the good work they do. Thanks!

- - - -

SUCH A DIFFERENT TIME: “Clark Gable unedited, 8th Air Force film stock.”

Man, they spoke so eloquently back then. Maybe it was just for the camera? Maybe not. Go listen to a Senator talking, or some judge on the bench. So different. We sound like a bunch of beach bums now. Everything had such a weight to it. (Thanks, K. Henry!)

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: Perfect packaging for a little snack. (Good snag, Mr. Werth.)

- - - -


01. Baroness - Blue Record
02. Black Keys - Brothers (Having a hard time finding choice cuts. Boo.)
03. Black Flag - Damaged
04. Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska
05. Bill Callahan - Rough Travel For A Rare Thing

There Are 2 Comments

Not liking the new Black Keys? I think you may b alone on that one. That’s a hot album!

Posted by: Cam on 06/03/10 at 8:48 AM

i want to hit the god damn reset button.
If I take a photo and someone uses it, and I do.
I get paid for the use and then, a year later, I get another check.

Well what the shit, man? If I do a great package for a GIANT corporation, and I do. The next year, I get fucking nothing. It makes no damn sense. Period.
What the shit, man. I need a another check.
They are still printing that shit - over and over.

And the folks that made the CNN logo should be rich from doing so.

I once met the guy that came up with the voice over thing “By Mennen”. That dude is loaded.
I met him on him way to his place in the Hamptons - no joke. The freaking Hamptons.

What the shit, man?

Posted by: don guss on 06/03/10 at 11:36 AM
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