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fn_county_fair_colors.gif FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Field Notes COLORS: ‚€œCOUNTY FAIR‚€ 50 Editions!

Our tribute to those fifty states! I’m so excited about this one I don’t even know where to start!?

FIELDNOTESBRAND.COM SAID IT BEST: “For Summer 2010, FIELD NOTES COLORS celebrates the 50 great U.S. states with COUNTY FAIR, our seventh quarterly installment. Each COUNTY FAIR 3-Pack highlights an individual U.S. state, with one memo book each in the colors of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place County Fair ribbons; blue, red and yellow. They‚€™re printed on 100-lb. linen cover stock and all three feature metallic gold printing and 48 pages of graph paper with light blue/grey lines inside.”

THERE’S EVEN A BOX SET OF THE WHOLE UNION: “For Field Notes collectors. A special limited-edition complete set of 50 individual notebooks, one from each state, packaged in a custom box along with a 6 pack of Field Notes Clic Pens. Only 200 sets are available at $99 each. A great gift for kids, for recording your travels or just learning about the U.S.A.”

THIS JUST IN: These will be shipping the 2nd week of July. Hell yes.

Click here and get it going, America!

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01. All 50 states are offered.
02. Book 01: Double-hits of 1st Place Blue Ribbon “Bluejay” blue.
03. Book 02: 2nd Place Red Ribbon “Cardinal” red.
04. Book 03: 3rd Place Yellow Ribbon “Yellowhammer” yellow.
05. Using the thickest, goldest Ink known to our great union.
06. Very Limited Edition Box Set of all 50 States!
07. Meticulously researched, designed and produced.
08. “State Luminary,” as example of just one of the categories.
09. Handy map for travelers.
10. Our most ambitious offering to date.
11. Extra goodies, just like we always do. Just you wait.
12. Just dripping with “Agrarian Spirit.”
13. Updated “Practical Applications” list.
14. Packed full of crucial information.
15. If you live in an American state, you need these.

Click here and make this summer the best one ever.

- - - -

fn_county_fair_colors.gif I JUST CAN’T KEEP IT INSIDE OF ME: I just gotta thank all the good people of Field Notes Midwest for absolute precision in making these things. Thank you. Seriously. So proud. Can’t wait to get ‘em in my hands!

Click here and feel the spirit!

- - - -

fn_county_fair_colors.gif COUNTY FAIR LISTENING LIST:

01. Lefty Frizzel’s “Saginaw, Michigan”
02. Loretta Lynn’s “Portland, Oregon”
03. Vermont’s “Santa Claws”
04. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
05. Willie Nelson’s “Georgia On My Mind”
06. Jerry Reed’s “Texas Bound and Flyin’”
07. Johnny Cash’s “You Wild Colorado”
08. Red House Painter’s “New Jersey”
09. U.S. Maple’s “MIssouri Twist”
10. Casey Neill’s “Radio Montana”
11. Lightnin’ Hopkins’ “Goin’ Back To Florida”
12. Dave Van Ronk’s “Kentucky Moonshiner”
13. Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska
14. M. Ward’s “Carolina”
15. Neil Young’s “Alabama”
16. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s “Gulf Shores”
17. Lambchop - Oh (Ohio)
18. Richmond Fontaine - Winnemucca
19. Son Volt’s “Tulsa County”
20. Further’s “California Bummer”

Click here and celebrate your home or neighboring state!

There Are 5 Comments

I bought my MN pack right away. Then I had to tell myself that I really, really, really shouldn’t buy the 50 pack. So far I haven’t but we’ll see how long I can resist. Can’t wait for them to show up.

Posted by: Schille on 06/25/10 at 1:02 PM

These are sweet! Michele sent me a digital copy of the Alaska one and I’m definitely putting an order in. Way cool Draplin, way cool!

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick on 06/25/10 at 1:13 PM

that is some sweet ass shit bro.

Posted by: gil on 06/25/10 at 5:37 PM

Sweet! I love field notes!!! What a kick ass idea! Im ordering the box set! We bought a bunch of field notes and stamped them with our logo for company give aways - everyone freaking loves them! This is a fun summer deal!!!! /Users/williamdertinger/Desktop/100_1245.JPG

Posted by: william on 06/25/10 at 6:50 PM

Love it ‚€” MA and RI packs: ordered! Not sure why I haven’t just ponied up for the COLORS subscription yet, they’re always so good.

Posted by: Aaron Bouvier on 06/29/10 at 10:10 AM
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