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FROM BELGIUM, OF ALL PLACES: The INCREDIBLE work of Paul Ibou, everyone! Get in there and learn something. Now. (This link was lifted off the Grain Edit site using our “five finger discount.”)

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THIS LINK STOPPED HIM IN HIS TRACKS: The “him” would be Ann Arbor’s Peter Baker. And considering his size, mass, beardiness and overall kick-ass-ness, well, that ain’t just any ordinary link. I can attest to the thickness and overall “unfuckwithable” quality of Mr. Baker. So can my dad. We’ve got first hand proof. And thank god for his better half. At least one of the two pretties the shop up. Man. Anyhoo, we’re lost at this point.

Oh yeah, here’s the link that started this ruckus: American Car Brochures. Get in there.

Check out the Jeep section! Wow. My, how today’s Jeeps just completely bite it. Always lamenting these things, I know.

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SO WIRELESS AROUND HERE: Settled a Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard on the way to the shop this morning. Of the Apple variety. And we’re here to tell you, things just got that much more refined in the cockpit. What a world. I just love this stuff. Recommended. Big time. Glowing words, eh? What, do I work for Apple? Let’s just say, “Not yet.”

So Bluetoothed. Connected to Dale’s Bluetooth right now, if you know what I’m sayin’?

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ALL THAT FACT-CHECKING LEADS TO WILD DEALS: Coudal Partners has a pretty serious deal going over at their site today. Here’s the gist: Buy one of their awesome things and get a free Field Notes “Mixed Three-Pack” of the world’s greatest memo books that are Made in the U.S.A. by people who live honest, fruitful lives and can look you in the eye at any point and care about you. Yeah, you. Now’s the time to get it going.

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DON’T DO IT: Never, ever, underestimate the ingenuity of an American farmer. Pass this link on! (Mom sent this one to me. Never, ever underestimate my mom. Ever.)

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01. Egg Hunt - Egg Hunt
02. Eric Bachman - To The Races
03. Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True
04. The Evening Rig - Never Been’er

There is One Comment

Magic Mouse is great if you don’t mind losing the application switcher function from the loss of the track ball as a third button… Fuckers.

Posted by: Matthew Stiffler on 05/27/10 at 11:52 AM
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