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May 16, 2010
Brimfield - Day 2 of 2
Posted at 12:28 PM


Wrapped up Brimfield this afternoon at around 3pm, just as the majority of the tents were starting to throw the towel in and start the “packing it up” process.

Picked up a good pile of functional items, some bric-a-brac and took 1,001 photos of kick-ass shit I just had to get a snapshot of. Little rescues, each one.

Took a dirty, little route back up to Burlington, up through Mass into the southeasternmost corner of New Hampshire and over into Vermont. Had a burger in Waterbury—the whole time being accosted by some wildebeest bartender just off her shift—and thought about Paddock, that a-hole. One of the greats.

Rolled into Burlington pretty late and took stock our prized haul.

That’s the Vermont “camping in these parts” sign up above. Incredible. Couldn’t find it on the web, so I rebuilt the damn thing from scratch. Any extra points left in that path were due to the “having to get up and whip across the entire JetBlue terminal” cuz I was late for my flight back to Portland. I won’t let it become a habit.

Full Brimfield photo report upon my return to Portland. (A town in the Northwest.)

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