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I SAVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM: Vintage Price Stickers.

Save ‘em! Old, new, whatever. Hell, if it sticks, I save it. I peel ALL stickers off the shrink wrap covering albums and stick them inside the gatefold or on the sleeve. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown away a banana sticker. No reason to. Stick that thing somewhere cool. Make me think about the “coolest thing I picked up at an estate sale, of no real value.” It was a little Sucrets tin, filled with some old guy’s apple and banana sticker collection. I mean, just the coolest, saddest thing you ever laid eyes on. Soothing. I remember picking it up and asking the price, and just feeling so odd. I think I paid a quarter for the thing, but man, it was worth a million bucks, or, a couple years of an old guy’s life. The old guy who’s stuff we were diggin’ through. I still have that little tin, and will keep it with me all my years, in honor of the guy.

Anyhoo, save the stickers from whatever you buy or whatever. Put them in yer Field Notes!

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BEST LINK OF THE DAY, HANDS DOWN: The Unimog! Both logo and rig, just incredible. (Punch me in the face, K. Henry! Awesome link!)

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JUST LIKE IT SAYS: “70 Classic American Package Designs from the Early 20th Century.” Get yer ass in there and get yer packaging on. I’ve got a monster project coming up and will be drawing from the greats for inspiration. (California’s Brian Rigazzi sent this one in over iChat, and I was busy doing something else, missed him, and will take the time to thank him right now, right here. Thanks!)

- - - -

PRETTY SURE I LINKED THIS ONE, BUT HELL, CAN’T REMEMBER: The Matchbook Registry. New stuff all the time. This link comes from man behind the enterprise himself, Dan “Close Cover Before Striking” Blackman. Thanks, man!

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HE’S STILL GOT “THAT LOOK” ALRIGHT: Glenn Danzig talks with Vice, and prob’ly hexes the guy for life, you know, with all that evil behind him and all that.

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01. Trans Am - Thing
02. Will Oldham & Rian Murphy - All Most Heaven
03. Monotonix - Body Language
04. Megafaun - Gather, Form & Fly

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Oliver looks like a keeper. Congratulations to mom and dad, uncle, aunt, and grandma and grandpa. The next generation has arrived. Hold on world!

Posted by: Dan and Ruth Goldsmith on 05/11/10 at 6:57 PM
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