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April shot past like a smooth, unapologetic rock out of a slingshot, haphazardly aimed at a best friend’s face. Fast. I felt the whiff of a projectile of that sort once in my youth, whipping past my noggin. Won’t ever forget that one. Would be a cyclops in the present day, if I was just another couple inches to the right, or whatever.

Anyhoo, we had an incredible April. Orlando, Detroit, projects, records, junkin’, family, friends and freedom. Feeling happy about how much we got done on the project front too.

DDC stockholders, here’s the cool shit we saw along the way: Junkin’ Report, April 2010.

From places like “Coos Bay” and “Roseburg” and “Des Moines” and “Cheyenne” and so on. Let yer imagination run wild.

- - - -

FROM OUR “FAVOURITE CANADIEN,” JUST ABOUT EVER: Colin Whyte comes in real hot and perforated with this article about sports ticket design.

Go right to the source of the article with this one: Ticket Stub Collection. Sure, there’s a lot of contemporary crap to wade through, but man, there are some gems in there, so be patient.

Here’s a quick link to an old beauty we found on Flickr.
That’s how it used to be. Man.

- - - -

THIS THURSDAY, RIGHT HERE IN PORTLAND: The Awards Show, a group show of graphic artists curated by Jen Davison Wick.

I’m gonna have a so-called “piece of art” in it. Debatable whether or not my stuff should be in there, with some of the heavies in that show!

On the short list for “who fuckin’ better show up, and if they don’t, we’re fuckin’ done” goes as following:

01. Cory Grove.
02. Dale Allen Dixon.
03. Lovejoy.

- - - -

YOU KNOW, FOR THE DDC MOBILE COMMAND UNIT: Imagine rolling one of these in to whatever rathole motel you are crashing in for the night?! Computer section, Gary gear, Toiletries unit, fresh towels, yer own pillow, etc. I wish I was a touring rocker, not for the “love of the music” or the accolades and million dollar cigarette boats, but just to have burly travel cases for guitars, amps and whatevs.

- - - -

OVER ON FIELDNOTESBRAND.COM: I put up a short-but-sweet little post called “The Co-Op Way.”

And by Gary, if you haven’t locked down a set of our “Packet of Sunshine,” well, you haven’t lived to yer fullest. Get it going with our COLORS subscription and get in on quarterly shipments, tons of extras and very limited edition colors. Our finest foot forward!

- - - -

WHAT WE’VE BEEN “JAMMING” AROUND THE SHOP: Monotonix, Tel Aviv’s finest singing outfit.

- - - -


01. Monotonix - Body Language
02. Pavement - Quarantine The Past (Record Store Day Exclusive)
03. Baroness - Blue Album
04. Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back (Couple cool tracks on there.)

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