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Well, well, well! The good people of Adobe liked us so much, they asked us back for another week of “guest bloggery” at the Adobe INSPIRE site. We appreciate the bandwidth and opportunity to spread the “good word” regarding the DDC, usually “sorta bad” in nature.

It’s Monday, and we got in early to tear into the week. You might’ve heard of the Adobe enterprise? They do the graphics software. We believe in them!

So we’re working out just how the hell we’re gonna do this. I mean, I’ll be “blogging it up” like I usually do over here at the DDC, and double-timing over there. But of course, there’s gonna be some little surprises here and there, so be on yer toes!

- - - -


I screwed the pooch on submitting stuff. But Streger didn’t. He made one for his beloved hometown of Lake Oswego. A real hardscrabble place, known for “the hard life.” Look it up.

I got the invite from the Cit/ID folks, and just plain “got too goddamn busy” and missed the boat. My apologies, world of graphic arts. Had an idea and everything. Bit of a one man band, you know? Nice work, a target=new href=”http://www.motherlanddesign.com/”>Streger. Bravo!

- - - -

WHAT WE WATCHED, LATE LAST NIGHT: “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.” A high and lonesome tale of Appalachian ass-kickery, fatalism, pill abuse and newborn babies. This one will make you squirm. If it doesn’t, you are one hard-living motherfucker. Very recommended by the DDC.

- - - -

THAT’S WHAT YER SEEING ABOVE: That incredible Lego space logo. From those late ’70s/ early ’80s. My first minifigs. Still got ‘em all, too. My redwood tree of a friend Andrius Simutis sent this one in, and man, we thank him, and, wish him and his bride 100 years of awesomeness, starting…right…now! My very favorite Lithuanian.

- - - -

JUST LIKE IT SAYS, PEOPLE: “Logo Collection €“ Graphis Annual 58/59.” Man. Great stuff. 51 years ago, you scrubs! Think about that. We’ve got so much to learn from these masters. So much. (Thank you Daron McKee!)

- - - -


01. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang - The Wonder Show…
02. Will Oldham - Ode Music
03. Palace - Viva Lost Blues

So beardy.

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I bought that logo on a t-shirt a while back. Most people don’t know what it means but when someone does they are all over it! http://www.redbubble.com/people/rigg/t-shirts/534765-12-space-lego

Posted by: Alan Wall on 05/05/10 at 2:39 AM

instantly recognized the logo and got all nostalgiac about tupperware bins full and floors covered with legos. I’ve visited the site a few times and really enjoy your work and aesthetic, keep it up.

alan, thanks for the post, may pick up one of those tees for my brother and/or myself, both past legomaniacs and current engineers

Posted by: mike wood on 05/18/10 at 7:14 AM
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