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Flew back to Detroit today, with a quick, sweaty layover in Minneapolis.

Leigh and I are back here for a couple days to cruise around the city seeing some sights, pillaging record stores of “stuff I can’t live without” and visiting family around the city. Good stuff.

And fuck if the only car Thrifty rental had for me was a Nissan. Henry Ford is bummed, so am I. Little shitbox thing.

- - - -

SOME DETROIT-FLAVORED GRAPHICS WE WORKED UP: Here’s a fun project I got the big call for a couple months back: “Rebranding Chrysler.”

It’s been out a couple days, but I wanted to wait to link it until I split for Detroit.

Honestly, I wouldn’t know how to take on a automotive rebranding of that magnitude. Little ol’ me? Big stuff. Hence my submission, with one hand on the throat of the bigwigs who seem to be running the thing into the ground, and the other hand saluting the masses on the factory floors to keep up the good fight.

Thank you to Adam and Reilly for the opportunity to contribute. Much appreciated. And, great work from Gavin Potenza and Anna Lian Tes & Nate Luzod! And, to Detroit. My place of birth.

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Love the redesign. Inspiring, as a designer and as a citizen. If people were as passionate about what they do as you are, we’d all be in better shape. Cheers sir.

Posted by: Brent B on 04/22/10 at 7:19 AM

Killer work on the Chrysler re-design Aaron!

Maybe one of these days I’ll send you some of the stickers and other amazin “junk” I reclaimed from a workshop in Buffalo, NY.

Posted by: Noah on 04/22/10 at 9:44 AM

Great work as always, Aaron. Love your mandatory Iacocca pins, but more than anything else, love the focus on the RW&B in your latter concepts. Vote cast, sir!

Posted by: Joseph X. Burke on 05/03/10 at 6:57 AM
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