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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 13, 2010
Big Waves
Posted at 11:52 AM


Four days out, Florida! I’m coming down there, and I’m laying it allll out. All the warts and moles. Tall tales. Proof of “what I do.” Triumph. Heartbreak. Big words. Small words. Cuss words, maybe. Here’s the official Facebookery on the event. Orlando, this is the time!

- - - -

IF YOU LISTEN TO ANYONE, YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THESE RASCALS: Always With Honor want you to attend my little chat this Friday in Orlando, and coincidentally, so do I. In fact, I am demanding it. There you go. Rainforest Cafe. Ha! I did a “LOL” when I read that.

You better be there, Florida! I’m making a list.

- - - -

BILLY FOWKS IS IN ORBIT WITH THIS ONE: Right now, a piece of science floats above you in the silent void that is “space” and the thing is the size of a school bus, and, has all kinds of interesting stuff attached to it.

- - - -

ALL THE WAY FROM THIS NATION’S EASTERN SEABOARD, A LAHAN WAVE WASHES OVER THE DDC: Tim Lahan is up to some incredible stuff! Great, great work. Check out this new identity set he did for Michael Clinard up there in Seattle. Wow.

- - - -

SPEAKING OF TRADEMARKS: That American Trademarks book we were so lucky to get included into gets a well-deserved nod over at Fast Company. So proud of this one. Don’t quite have the words to describe it. Get a copy and make a logo, and freak out on the years and years of incredible design history on those pages, and down the street at the local corner store or whatever.

- - - -

SPENT A LITTLE TIME CLICKING AROUND HERE THIS MORNING: The Hold Steady’s new ripper, Heaven Is Whenever is up for pre-order an immediate download for a track. Act now, and turn that shit up.

- - - -


01. The Hold Steady - “Hurricane J” off Heaven Is Whenever
02. Mule - If I Don’t Six
03. Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

There is One Comment

I wish you well on your voyage to Florida!! Have a blast. Wonder if they will let you take the shuttle for a spin.

CONGRATS on the Fast Company props, that’s great. Look at you go boy. Next stop Oprah’s Book Club…ha. Just giving you shit.

Keep up the good work.

Posted by: sker on 04/14/10 at 6:14 AM
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