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Yesterday was a long one. Half of Nebraska and three quarters of Wyoming. Big prairie up to those Rockies.

It’s one thing to just drive the stretch, pulling off to gas up or chow. It’s another thing to pull off when a town’s name is kinda weird, or, the grin elevator looks a little bigger than the last 37 of them. And that’s what we did yesterday, just to mix things up some.

And, to be open to surprises. Like the sign above. Just look at that wicked rendering of our great nation! Michigan gets worked over. Puget Sound gets a pointy nod. Incredible. I wish I had more guts to just go and slide that Pepsi machine out of the way in the lower right corner. But hey, no sense in starting a street fight. My bet is that Cozad or Brule or Dix would win.

Take a random exit with the DDC by clicking here: “DDC vs. ADOBE INTERNAL, Day 05 - “Cozad, Neb. to Rawlins, Wyom.”

Today’s gonna be a long one. We’re 100 miles from the Utah border, so we’ll whip up and around Salt Lick City, pass Promontory Point, into Idaho and as close to that Oregon border as possible. Maybe even to Burns or Grant’s Pass, depending on how the elements treat us.

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TERRITORIAL PRISONS HELD SOME REAL BADASSES: Mainly, pickpockets, shoplifters and horse thieves. But also guys like this: Butch Cassidy. Tough characters, kicking ass all over the West. Something to think about while driving across Wyoming.

Butch Cassidy’s death mask, just to get you thinking.

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