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Ol’ Spring sprang here in Portland. No doubt about.

This morning we awoke to bluebird skies and fresh, cool air. Good stuff to open the front door to, whilst filing and listening to records in the living room.

I even went outside, taking Leigh over to Cory Grove’s palatial spread off SE 70th and something-or-other. He was having a barbecue so we grabbed some brats and went and got to grillin’. Cool house, bucko! Happy as hell for you.

Since our neighborhood Hollywood Video closed down by the Safeway, we headed over to Alberta to hit up Videorama. Sure, that’s the joint we should go to every time, but hell, Hollywood was only a couple blocks away. You know, for new stuff that just came out, it was a sure bet. It’s gone, and like anyone cares. Kinda sad.

Anyhoo, we got a doc called The Brothers Warner about Warner Brothers, and the family behind the super corporation name, and the brothers themselves. Those fellas had guts! Or, hutzpah. Their history of tackling moral issues with those early films is still unprecedented in the motion picture biz. They took on Hitler, more or less. Guts, people.

And of course, had some great logos at the starts and ends of those films, since day one. Here’s what we’re talking about.

So we’re thinking about those Warner brothers. Not the studio or the label or those cartoons…the guys who started it all. Great documentary. Way recommended.

And for the record, Leigh picked the doc out. She wanted you all to know that.

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I pick better movies sweetums.

Posted by: leigh McKolay on 03/21/10 at 12:13 PM
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