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Just miserable as shit, packed on that big plane.

Our flight from Milan to Newark was more or less bearable, all 10 hours of it. We were stocked up with iPhone movies, so shit went fast flying up over that big Atlantic Ocean.

Looking down out my window and seeing the water…from 39,000 feet. Man. What a world.

The flight went well. They keep you busy with snacks and stuff, so that was cool.

- - - -


01. The Agony and the Ecstacy
02. The Robe
03. The Treasures of Long Gone John

Landed in the U.S.A. for a five hour layover Newark. Highlight of this part was seeing La Bamba from Conan strolling to his connection. Gave him a fist pump and he pointed and smiled. In the year 2000, man!

Then we hopped our flight back to Portland, for another five hour hell ride. Excruciating. I was packed into my window seat. No room for nothing. Large man in a small seat. Leigh next to me, digging her knees into my thighs, elbowing my girth, and looking at me with a “Not my problem, man.” look in her eyes.

Needed a big shoe horn to pry me out of that fucking contraption, upon landing in Portland. So cramped and messed up.

It sure was nice to be home. To see little Gary’s little face. Man, worth a million bucks.

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