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Up early and out of the “Berlin Box” and out to the airport. Tegel Flughafen, motherfuckers! Goodbye, Germany, you big beast. All scary and stuff. Man.

Heading down to Rome, Italy. Gonna be my first time, and Leigh’s first time. Way excited.

Pretty glad to be leaving Berlin. A little too much for me up there. World War and Cold War. Heavy history, all around.

We got down to Rome on a rather cramped Air Berlin flight, and hopped a shuttle bus into the city. First thing that came to mind: “All roads lead to Rome.”

I’m thinking on that one a whole lot, as we whip into the city, whizzing by open fields, rolling hills and the occasional palm tree in the distance.

We found our sleeping quarters right away, passing up ANCIENT ruins on the side of the road, just sorta “mixed in” with everything else.

We got settled and hit the city on foot…

…walking along the Circus Maximus, thinking about Roman Chariots in a race for their lives.

…up and past the Constantinople gate, thinking about conquests, war and peace.

…around the Coliseum, thinking about gladiator battles, mock naval battles and wild beasts being “hunted” and slayed for citizen enjoyment. Oh yeah, and the occasional Christian martyrdom. But the latter is up for debate regarding “what went down in the coliseum.” Heads, likely.

…up to Trajan’s Column, thinking about this one from Art History class so long ago.

…past the awe-inspiring Vittorio Monument, towering over the city.

…and back to the hotel. All this, in like, a couple miles.

Incredible. At a loss for words.

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