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Flew in to Berlin today with none other than Bob Scales. We grabbed a cab to our hotel in a ritzy district lined with shops I’d never buy a thing from, much less actually step inside. Rolex, Gucci and Prada,

“Which way to the big and tall section, comrades?”

We got settled in and hit the streets for some chow, settling on an Indian joint. We ate the hell out of some tikka tikka!

Berlin is cold, and the sidewalks have a festive 4-inch crust of ice. Slippery stuff. It’s not a matter of if I’ll slip and bust my ass on this stuff, but when. Looking forward to that moment. So dumb.

And man, there’s just nothing in the world like feeling like a big, dumb American, not knowing what the fuck people are saying, etc. Yay, Amerikanski.

Plus, we’re like an hour from the border of Poland. This one’s for you, Gramma Josie!

(We walked past that big spike tower thing. Ominous! The image above is the incredible Evan Hecox’s take on Berlin.)

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I lived in Berlin for five years. At first it was “Wow, we’re only an hour from Poland” later on it was “Fuck, we’re only an hour from Poland.” Enjoy.

Posted by: Peteski on 02/11/10 at 4:15 PM
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