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Draplin Design Co., North America


Back, and happy as hell to be home, in a land where you get ice cubes in your fuckin’ table water. God Bless America, etc.

The whole time I was there, I had my G10 around my neck. That’s the way I do it. Tourist style. That’s the way I do it all the time, more or less.

Here’s some Flickr sets from the our Euro Romp. Ready for inspection!

01. “DDC Euro Tour 2010 - M√ľnich, Germany”

02. “DDC Euro Tour 2010 - Berlin, Germany”

03. “DDC Euro Tour 2010 - Rome, Italy”

04. “DDC Euro Tour 2010 - Colico, Italy”

And hell, my lady Leigh made one hell of a set too. In lots of ways, way better than the crap I shoot. Good work, girl!

Leigh’s Euro Flickr set: “Berlin-Rome-Colico.”

- - - -


01. A dreamy record for the Chuck Prophet Entertainment Enterprise.
02. A rock record for Portland’s Mr. Casey Neill.
03. A logo for some Mt. Hood summer action.
04. Our very first Grabbleton Bin for a kick-ass company.
05. A logo for some seriously tough lawyers in town.
06. A logo for Farmer’s Brewing in Shawno, Wis. Hell yes, fellas!
07. A logo for Mr. Burn of the Bonehook Div.
08. A logo that tackles a big-ass car company, tongue-n-cheek.
09. Splitting atoms on the latest Field Notes Colors offering.
10. A Juxtapose article for one of favorite Midwestern design empires.

As well as,

11. High level negotiations with an incredible blue band here in town.
12. Gearing up for a judging gig in Richmond, Virgina this Friday. Hell yes, Puck!
13. Breaking in a new pair of Redwings. Man, brutal!

- - - -


01. Friends of Dean Martinez - Retrograde
02. Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks, 1964-1971 (Disc 2) (From London, England.)
03. Lifter Puller - The Entertainment and the Arts

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