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February 06, 2010
Albuquerque Mission, Day 03
Posted at 07:39 PM


Got up nice and early and had a killer green chile burrito at the world-famous Frontier Restaurant.

This place is New Mexico to the bone! Fast, furious, and all kinds of kick-ass shit on the walls. Everything from old Native American rugs to John Wayne paintings, and everything in between that might’ve roamed the New Mexican high plains at one time.

Albuquerque’s finest couple Maresa and Jason were gracious enough to take me to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. I had to see it. The nameplate logo alone peaked my interest a couple years back. Great stuff.

I’ve been afraid of nuclear this and that since I was eight or nine, hearing about the MX missile race on the nightly news while eating dinner. I still remember the newscast graphics of those scary-ass missiles, and the fear that America, and more specifically, Central Lake, Michigan would be wiped off the map by those scary Russkies.

And years later, the shit still freaks me out. So much power. So reckless. Such a scientific triumph on one hand, and such a threat to humanity on the other.

The museum was super interesting. The history of nuclear science, Fat Man, Little Boy, geiger counters, a wide array of atomic pop culture and a couple of big-ass bombers out back.

Thank you Foutz family! Much appreciated. And thank you Nick!

And thank you to the Albuquerque advertising community for flying my carcass down there for a couple days of seeing incredible New Mexico design, meeting great folks to judge with and basically being pampered by an incredible Addy staff. I’m still full from all those meals. Had a hell of a time. Thank you!

Checkowski! I’ll be watching you! Don’t forget me when you hit the big time, man!

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Posted by: Julian on 02/08/10 at 6:37 AM

Had a blast hanging with you.
Next time I’m in Portland I’ll look you up.
Still gotta get me some swag.

Posted by: nick on 02/08/10 at 2:54 PM

So glad you had a fun time, we had a great time showing you around and you certainly provided a unique perspective. Hope to bring you back to ABQ to speak to our club again in the future, there are so many things we didn’t show you and so much more green chile to be eaten!
-Maresa & Jason

Posted by: Maresa Thompson on 02/09/10 at 8:29 PM
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