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January 20, 2010
Detroit Blood
Posted at 01:14 PM


GOOD OL’ AMERICAN LARCENY: My dad took me to the ruins of Olympia Stadium in the late ’80s. We broke in and walked out onto the rink. I was 13 or 14. I remember looking up at the holes in the roof, and the general state of decay the place was wrought with. Dark, wet. Very dangerous. We made our way into the Detroit locker room and cut pieces of the rug out, in hopes of finding the exact patch where Gordie Howe’s balls once dripped after a shower. Shit like that.

Plus, we took a ton of bricks from the outer wall. Dad gave those out to all his friends and customers for years. My dad has fond memories of seeing the Redwings there, growing up in Detroit. True stories, people.

Gordie Howe’s dripping balls. Etcetera.

- - - -

I’M HURTING FOR A DETROIT MISSION: Dale found this Flickr set called, “Detroit,” from a guy who goes by, “Detroit Derek.”

It kinda got me fired for a Detroit mission. Been a couple years. You know, drive around, see the place, see the family, etc. I was born there and have this romantic vision of returning someday, for whatever reason, and making a life there. Even though Mom and Dad moved us out in 1977, I’ve always wondered about the place.

Detroit Derek even has a Detroit Ruins set. There’s certainly no shortage of that around there.

I always wonder what my life would be like if we would’ve stayed there. Mom and Dad made the call, and moved us north to the quiet Northwoods of Michigan. I just wonder what kind of person I’d be if we would have grown up down there? Working for auto stuff? Going to college? Wearing a leather Redwings jacket?

- - - -

TAKE OFFENSE!: Poster Offensive is up and going after throats! All kinds of wild shit on there. (Thanks, Peet!)

- - - -

I FOUND THIS ONE SUPER INTERESTING: Schematic chart of ideological and design changes from the 60s to the 80s by Massimo Vignelli. Really, really interesting.

As a fan of his work, restraint and somewhat stubborn/idealistic views, I tend to like the guy more and more. I guess he’s kinda controversial in the big time design world. I wouldn’t really know. At least, that’s what a professor at MCAD told us that in a fiery rant that started and ended with a venom-filled, “Fuck Vignelli!” Thank you, Santi! (Horked off Eric Baker’s daily inpiration payload.)

- - - -

GOOGLE EARTH SPOTS A WAYNE COYNE IN THE WILD: In a bath, on his lawn. This was Wayne’s halloween setup in 2008. In his neighborhood. “The Blob” or something. Awesome. All kinds of kickass motherfuckers sent me this link, and I’m here to tell all you, “Already saw it, a year ago!” But I thank you all for sending it in, and thinking about me. From the bottom of my heart, mere inches away from my dripping balls.

- - - -


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There Are 8 Comments

Rad poster. Classic wings. Parents grew up there, dad played hockey - There should be a magazine called Howe for Hockey Design Enthusiasts. Maybe not. Keep it up

Posted by: KO on 01/20/10 at 1:46 PM

ill tell you what you’d be…the same muther fucker you are still…with some better stories…you fuck

Posted by: jay floyd is #1 on 01/20/10 at 2:12 PM

Hey Aaron, a friend of mine (from Traverse City) sent me this link years ago featuring photos of Detroit’s ever decaying landscape. Actually this may be an incarnation or new offspring of that website, but I think much of the imagery is still there. It’s a real “pick me up” for sure. Enjoy and sigh and cry.

brent (iowa)


Posted by: brent veak on 01/20/10 at 3:07 PM

Man Detroit would be happy to have you. I’m so effin’ excited about all the development going on in my neighborhood alone. new restaurants, book store, new grocery coming in the spring! I know it doesn’t sound like much but there’s a low barrier for entry around here. The possibilities are endless and I’m just happy to be a part of it. Visit soon, we’ll take you out for a Coney.

Posted by: pmd on 01/20/10 at 4:40 PM

You haven’t missed anything not growing up in detroit. It sucked the life out of me, being an illustrator in the auto industry. Things have gotten bad in the last few years. I just went back for christmas, roads are bad, more stores and business’ closed, shit’s falling apart even more. I would NEVER want to live there again. Funny, I grew up in northern michigan and moved down there for work. I think traverse city is the only place in the L.P. I would move to now.

Posted by: clint on 01/21/10 at 7:36 AM

Hey…got another link for ya. http://www.seedetroit.com A friend of mine (from Traverse City..no shit) sent this link to me years ago. I think this is a new incarnation of the old site possibly, but regardless, there’s a lot of imagery here. Soooo sad to see such an amazing city decay in the wealthiest nation on earth…or at least it was. Enjoy, Sigh, Cry.

brent (iowa)

Posted by: brent veak on 01/21/10 at 10:42 AM

I hope you consider coming back soon. It would be great to do a Draplin speaking event somewhere. I’m in Detroit and can help organize if you want.

Posted by: Reilly Brennan on 01/21/10 at 12:03 PM

Man I come from a great Detroit herriatge both sides, even found some old Gordie Howe pics in the mix. i love seeing polaroids of a great on ice! I dont follow sports however, when questioned about my team The only reply is a Michigan team. Thanks for all you post. Back in August I made my uncle back track so he could see a home town sons work. your Gov highway signs, He was proud of Traverse City.

Posted by: Ian Geroux on 02/01/10 at 8:51 PM
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