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January 15, 2010
Willy Comes By With Some Vinyl
Posted at 07:23 PM


It’s Friday and we went junkin’ this morning. A nice break from all the wildness. All the way out to Estacada. Nice country out there. Wet and green rolling hills. Big trees. We were all marveling the beauty of “getting out of the city some.” Leigh had this to say, “I love leaving Portland.”

- - - -

SCARY-ASS RUSSIAN POSTERS, MORE OR LESS: More scary Russian posters. Take ‘em with a grain of salt. Dig the design, people.

- - - -

EARLIER TODAY: Willy came by with some Richmond Fontaine vinyl a couple hours back!

Blown away. The thing turned out so goddamn good. Looks incredible. 180g pressing. Thick-ass cover. Great color reproduction. I’m happy as hell and proud as the day is long. Thank you, Willy! Thank you, Richmond Fontaine!

My first vinyl record. So happy right now. Proud as hell to be rolling up the sleeves for these guys.

- - - -

HERE’S ANOTHER ONE THAT CAUGHT OUR EYE ON A TIME TO GET: A post called “Six Seconds, We’re Gonna Be Meat Waffles.”

- - - -

HELL YEAH, WILLY!: This guy is one fire! A video for Willy Vlautins’ new book Lean on Pete. Willy brought a copy of the new book today. The UK version! So great. Can’t wait to tear into it. Thanks, buddy.

- - - -

CARVED UP NOSTRILS: T. Stout takes on Lost! Great stuff!

Leigh and I have been watching Lost Season 5, with one episode to go. And all these years, all these episodes, aside from wondering what the fuck is “going on with the island,” I can’t help but think exactly this: What the fuck is up with all those nose jobs?

Hollywood fucks. Carved up nostrils. Misshapen. Unnatural.

I can’t get past it. It’s incredible what these people do to their faces. Blessed with such beautiful bodies and talent and shit, and they carve up the nose. Grosses me out. Thank goodness Hurley is “just as God made him.” Big and beautiful. Averages out all the other fucked up plastic surgery on those castaways.

The island’s monster ain’t the smoke; it’s those noses.

- - - -


01. Richmond Fontaine - Obliteration By Time
02. Lissie - S/T
03. P.W. Long - Remembered

There Are 2 Comments

That Richmond Fontaine vinyl looks great, man. Any release date on those Open Rd. Div. hats yet?

Posted by: Greg Meehan on 01/16/10 at 5:58 AM

Hurley rocks. It turns out in real life, Jorge Garcia is a fantastically guy, as nice as they come. Oh, and he writes a down-to-Earth kick-ass blog, too.

Posted by: Cameron Barrett on 01/17/10 at 11:40 AM
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