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January 04, 2010
Thinking About Germany
Posted at 03:15 PM


FROM A SCARY TIME, NOT SO LONG AGO: East German Vehicle stamps.

I was in Münich three years ago and while kiling some time downtown one afternoon, did a little shopping at a department store. First thing you notice is how great their toys are. Great craftsmanship on the stuff, and great packaging. Anyhoo, I bought this bulk package of postmarked stamps. Some kind of grab bag thing. Well, I trudged back to the hotel through the snow, grabbed a pretzel from the train station and holed up in my room looking over this, like, 2-liter bottle of old stamps. 10 euros or something. So incredible. 90 percent were from the last couple years and were quickly recycled. But the shit I kept, it’ll forever be in my collection. And hell if I care if they are postmarked. Didn’t matter at all. Was just happy to be diggin’ on the graphics, having my little peabrain blown over and over with each one. Still am.

We’re going to Münich in a month. Gonna kick that town’s ass yet again.

- - - -

SMALL PACKAGES = GREAT TYPE: Joseph and Casey find some real treasures out junkin’ yesterday. Great, great stuff. Limitations, people. And look what an incredible job those craftspeople did making those little packages, with those limitations.

- - - -

GOO SENDS ONE IN: “One Hundred Million Were Dead” by those Butthole Surfers. From 1985, people. Some weird shit going on there.

- - - -

JUST LIKE IT SAYS: Postcards! and other Vintage Paper.

- - - -

THAT STORY JUST GETS COOLER AND COOLER ALL THE TIME: Take a tour of Wayne’s compound in Oklahoma City. Don’t miss the quote at the end. So good.

I appreciate the confidence inherent in showing what you do, and how you do it. The world just keeps so much shit secret. I appreciate Wayne’s ability to show us so much of himself. Sometimes, literally.

His larger than life persona just doesn’t mean shit when you meet the guy. He’s warm and invigorating. I asked him point blank, “I saw a picture of you at some party, sitting at a table close to Madonna. What’s it like being around these people?” It seemed so foreign for him to be there. He just laughed and said, “You know, some of those people are assholes and some of them are really nice. It’s no big deal. Just people.” That was it. He then went on to tell me a story about how great Justin Timberlake is. Something like that. Thanks, Wayne.

- - - -


01. Flaming Lips - Dark Side Of The Moon
02. Kris Kristofferson - Greatest Hits
03. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - The Essential Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

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