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January 03, 2010
Snowed In
Posted at 11:40 PM


Got about a foot of snow overnight here in Lake Ann. Was awoken to the sound of Dad on his riding snowblower, kicking any/all snowbank asses out in the cul de sac.

Nothing is planned for the day. Maybe a little Scrabble. Some reading. Naps.

The soothing smell of turpentine or paint thinner or something that’ll “eat away at skin” is wafting up from the basement. This means Dad is busy with a project. Good for the lungs.

Here’s what it looked like when I went to investigate.

- - - -

WHAT DAD AND I WATCHED TONIGHT: The Counterfeiters. Incredible. Heavy.

- - - -

GET READY, LEIGH: What we’ll be checking out in a month: Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie artifacts. Heavy stuff.

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