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January 21, 2010
Mom and Aunt Mary
Posted at 01:27 PM


Mom and Aunt Mary are flying in today from Michigan. A two-fold mission. My littlest sister Leah went and got herself pregnant, and this is the “2nd Trimester Party” of sorts. So that’s the first part. The second part is to fit Gary in a little prototype “piss sock.” That’s all I can say for now. More on this later, lovers of broken Dachshunds.

My Aunt Mary made some lethal chicken & dumplings when I was a youngling.I remember those well. She could ferret out our stashed Easter candy like no other relative. It’s her first visit to the Northwest, and I’m excited to show off Portland to her.

The van is gassed up for adventure starting at 4pm this afternoon.

- - - -

ABOUT THE IMAGE ABOVE: That’s one that I brought back from my last visit back to see the parents in Traverse City. Dad found it for me out there on his route. A little package that fits in yer palm. Check out that type! Every time I go home he’s got a pile of treasures for me. So awesome.

Hardware packaging designers of today, take note: We’re watching you. Don’t let us down. Thanks, Pops. Love ya.

- - - -

WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: But here’s a grip of French knife manufacturer logos. Great numbers and lockups. Wrecked a nice part of my morning. Be careful. Don’t get cut in there.

- - - -

FROM LOS ANGELES…THE CITY OF ANGELS, SMOG AND REAL DEAL MEXICAN FOOD: 50 Matchbooks. (Thanks, Streger! Keep up the good fight!)

- - - -

RECOMMENDED: Big Fan. Leigh and I watch this one last night. Pretty good. Patton’s an interesting little elf. We dig.

- - - -


01. Paul Westerberg - Eventually
02. Pink Floyd - Meddle
03. Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness

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