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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 07, 2009
Trains, Threats and Murderapolis
Posted at 06:51 PM


THIS GUY IS ON A ROLL: K. Henry, yet again. This time, it’s big. It’s long. On the rails, people.

One hell of a score: “1954 A.C. Gilbert Co. Catalog.”

And here’s the Flickr of the thing: All 48 pages of it.

- - - -

WOKE UP IN A COLD SWEAT THIS MORNING: What the hell did I get myself into? In four days, this coming Thursday, I’ll be at those Cleaners at the Ace Hotel telling my half-ass story to all of Portland. It’s for the local AIGA Chapter, and the event is called, “Designspeaks.”

THIS ONE HAS BEEN KIND OF STICKING: “Tall Tales From A Large Man.” Oh man, we got some tales. I’m big.

They’ve had some pretty big folks speaking for them, but this time, it’s a different kind of big.

Girth, people. Throwing some weight around.

THREAT LEVEL “ORANGE”: You better be there. We’re making a list.

- - - -


- - - -

REPRESENTIN’ SOMETHING, FROM MINNEAPOLIS: Here’s a guy who’s got a story to tell about where he’s from, and his skills and other stuff. But you know, we could give a rat’s ass less about any of that hot air. The last guy with the hat and the chains and shit said the same thing. Anyhoo, what we’re interested in is the guys behind the “making of the thing.” Our buddy Greg Hubacek worked on it, and man, it’s one hell of a presentation. Real impressive. Nice little interface. Nice type, Isaac! Tight package all around. Bravo. All of this from Minneapolis. Wait, no. From Murderapolis, yo! That’s a little more gangster.

Here’s what it looks like when you make this kind of stuff. Pretty interesting. Lots of representin’ going on. Good work, Hubacek!

Such a cute little gangsta!

- - - -


01. Lambchop - Nixon
02. King Khan and The BBQ Show - S/T
03. Willie Nelson & Asleep At the Wheel - S/T

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Pull Mor - now thats a logo I can get behind…elephant powered

Posted by: jimbo on 12/09/09 at 11:20 AM
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