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December 31, 2009
Our 2009 Recap: Our Best Year Yet
Posted at 05:47 PM


In no particular order, this is the stuff that sticks to our ribs from 2009:

01. That goddamn Jesus Lizard at Crystal Ballroom. A sharp reminder of the power of a rock show done right. There’s nothing else like ‘em, and if you missed it, well, fuck ya. You had yer chance. We told you so. David Yow, you little bastard elf, we thank you.

02. Lambchop at The Aladdin. With Leigh and Kristen. Everything a good rock show should be: Laughs, growls, finesse and being able to sit down the whole time, enjoying all of it. Such a nice night out in Portland. Makes me look at Nashville in a whole new light, seeing those guys up there doing what they do.

03. Rolling up the sleeves for Mr. Obama. A call to action, people. For the country! Still can’t quite put it all into words, just how proud and lucky I am to have been able to contribute to that project. Thank you Steve Juras! Thank you Mode Project! Thank you Chris Glass! Anytime, Mr. President, anytime.

04. Witnessing the presidential inauguration. I’m still proud to have witnessed history with the monumental swearing in of Mr. Obama. 11 months later, I’m still beaming, relieved and excited to see what a sensible, poised, extraordinary person can bring to the highest office. I believe!

05. Our running of the Second Annual World’s Longest Yard Sale. Hotter than hell this time around, and that kind of messed with me some. It was good to be with the crew in the wilds, have Dad and Unlce Bob along for security, junkin’ at full force. I took about 5000 shots, which really has me thinking about just how to make these adventures work in new ways. Where we going next, you pricks?

06. My very first art show. People even showed up! Had a great time meeting new Portlanders, and reveled with pals and family. So thankful to the good people of Office PDX for giving me a shot. Sold all my collages, and kinda want them back! How’s that for an “artist’s statement.”

07.That goddamn poster. Sold a ton of ‘em. Gave out a ton. Still orange as fuck, and ready to be shipped. These go well with the year 2010. Seriously. Act now. Free poster tube included. Very orange. 1,112 things to wonder about.

08. Telling my story to Minnesota, Georgia, Texas and Oregon. It’s kinda freaky being up there in front of all those people. giving it all you got. Tall tales and some truth from my little deal.

09. Working with Willy on Richmond Fontaine’s latest album design and various projects. Been listening to that band since 1995. To be able to roll the sleeves up for them was a bright spot in a busy year. Thanks, fellas. So proud to have helped out.

10. My little sister getting pregnant. (Had no role in it, I assure you.) Cycle of life, people! Blood is thicker than water. I couldn’t be happier for her and Jacob. The whole family is freaking out, in a good way. Can’t wait to meet the little man in May.

11. Having Mom and Dad out to visit to Oregon two times in one year.

12. Seeing Leigh inch closer and closer toward a monster degree. Grace and strength the whole time, faced with all sorts of hurdles. Almost there, lady! Very proud of you.

13. Retracing the route that brought me west with Leigh in July.

14. Seeing Field Notes take off! Holy hell, this thing is taking shape. We’ve got all kinds of new gear for 2010, so be on the lookout. Many, many thanks to Jim Coudal, BB, Steve, Michele and all who contribute at Field Notes Midwest. And, to all who bought a threepack. Thank you for believing in us. Wow.

15. Weathering that economic storm. Had a hell of a year, on the up and up. Fingers still crossed. There’s a about eight hours left in 2009, and who the hell knows what could happen.

16. The peculiar comfort that comes with the staggering reality that we’re just a speck inside a speck inside a speck of this big goddamn universe, and it’s a safe bet that someone or something is looking up at the sky above them, somewhere light years away, wondering, “What the fuck is really going on?”

17. That new Polvo album. Just as cosmic as 18 years ago, going out on a limb and buying my first “Indie” records. I bought Today’s Active Lifestyles in 1992 and that changed the way I looked at music, which kinda changed everything.

18.The acquisition of that van. I just love climbing up into him. Serious steel.

19. An incredible junkin’ mission up to Spokane and back. That was a good time, guys.

20. A loop down to Reno, then Sacto, then Frisco with Leigh. Lot’s of O’s.

21. A wild string of Layer Tennis matches. A tie, a victory and a savage beat down. The whole spectrum.

22. A couple days on the coast at Camp Goo with Leigh, Ewan and the G-Unit. Thanks, again, Phemisters. Such a nice little break from all the city stuff. Very appreciated.

23. Another year of draplin.com! 365 days of the DDC! When we say “Daily,” we mean, “Daily.” Not to be fucked with, Ever.

- - - -

Things that hurt:

01. Gary’s injury.

02. The passing of Mr. Hughes.

03. Twisting my ankle in a Fred Meyers parking lot and going down hard soon after.

04. Missing my dad coming down front street in Traverse City, high atop a
fire engine, playing Santa and ringing in the holiday season.

- - - -

I’d like to thank all these people for putting up with my shit all year long:

Leigh, Mom, Dad, Gary, Ewan, Leah, Sarah, Goo, Nakamoto, Dale, Betty, Jess, Rose, Brad, George, Martino, Baker, Basher, Nate, Tawnya, Lucky, Verity, Giro, Scales, Eric, Kevin, Greg, Lovejoy, Forgash, Floyd, Grove-bra Dogs, Campbell, Derek, Bry, Chad Smith, The Other Firm, Damion, Leon, Instrument, Vinstrument, Justinstrument, Coulter, Ryno, Minneapolis Narwhals, Hoss, Carder, Hottois, Seaone, Swart, B.Reed, New City Media, Farmer’s Brewing, Willy, Steve Juras, Mr. Prophet, Office PDX, Jim Coudal, BB, Michele, Delahoyde, Field Notes Midwest, Resch, Mr. Yow, Piney, Sunny, Nemo Designers, Welsh, Thomas, Kip, Olympic Mills, Produce Row, Sheridan’s Market, Sandy Blvd., Safeway, Chloe, Canoe, Mark Phillips, Minnesota AIGA, Savannah Geekend, Charlie Trefry, Sloane, Dallas DSVC, Designspeaks, Hillerns, Portland AIGA, How magazine, Creativity, Marmaspot, Matt and Aaron of Reading Between The Leading, Eric Baker each day, Asymbol, Joseph X. Burke, Propaganda Clay, Wisconsin Mitch, the van, Big S, the house on 67th, the shop, the Martin D-35, Arlie, Fasil, those 30s, the new dual-core ‘puter, Always With Honor, Beau Colburn, Mr. Hughes, James Hughes, Busy Beaver, Chunklet, Jay Watson, Eric Powers, Don Guss, Werth, Grain Edit, Dan Mac, Kirkpatrick in AK, Steve St. Pierre, Daniel at Burst Collective, J. Peddycoart, Joseph Hughes, Huckleberry Hart, Zindel, 10 Engines, Schille, Lorenzen, Annyas, Avantaggio, Pieratt, Florida Janeen Smith, Streger, Esoy, Notermann in Seattle, Don Brown, Masato, Tal Y, Darryl at Saucony, Greg Lang, K. Henry, Quality Vintage, ACL, Mike Davis, Wink, everyone who Tweeted up a DDC nugget, sent in a mindblowing, daywrecking link, everyone who bought a piece of DDC Merch, everyone came by the site and whatever cosmic force that guides us along, allowing us to exist on a little rock, somewhere, in a big goddamn universe.


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Fuck yeah. Fare-thee-well, 2009. We’re crushing it in 3010!

Posted by: Joseph Hughes on 12/31/09 at 3:35 PM

Thanks for all the great posts and links. Well wishes to Gary also.

Posted by: Randy Jones on 01/01/10 at 9:26 AM

#21 = You were robbed.

Posted by: chris d. on 01/02/10 at 2:29 PM

Great post, but I read it two days ago… not to be fucked with. Haha, Happy New Year. Digging the 1,112 things!

Posted by: Todd on 01/02/10 at 5:48 PM
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