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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 30, 2009
One More Big One To Go
Posted at 05:37 PM


Those catalogs are off in exotic lands with ink hitting paper, under the watchful eye of one called “EPHKA.” Let us confuse you some: Eph is Chinese and grew up in Vancouver, BC. He’s currently living in Japan. Today, he’s in Taiwan watching over all the C3 catalogs. How’s that for some Asian action? We’ve been confused since 1973.

I wish with my whole heart that we could print those books stateside, but hey, that isn’t my call. I simply hand off PDFs and hope for the best.

And our saving grace Eph is over there saving our butts with his expert eye. He’s the kid behind all that radical Capita stuff, which is deadly in its own right. Great, great stuff. Serious.

Much appreciation, you Chinese wizard.

- - - -

BACK IN CHICAGO, NEW STUFF GOES UP: Mr. Hudson updates. Some of the greatest stuff I’ve ever seen. Always incredible.

One time, I was passing through and Cody and I met up and went and had supper on the South side. I still think about that pork chop to this day.

- - - -

DALLAS, IN A COUPLE DAYS: Wednesday night, somewhere in Dallas, Tex., I’ll be talking to a room full of bad-ass Texans. This one’s official. “The December meeting of the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, with the DDC” I’ll be down there telling my story, showing some stuff, peddling some trinkets and making friends. Can’t wait to get down there. Hell yes, Texas, you big sonofabitch!

- - - -

THE MAG, AND ALL CRETINS INVOLVED, DESCEND: The final issue of the sixth year of Snowboard magazine starts today. Nate, Basher and Baker are supposedly on their way to Portland. I’ll believe it when I see it. And nothing gets designed until I say it does.

One more big one to go. From what I hear, this issue is going to rip. Big threats from the editorial top brass. Bring the heat, fuckers. I’m coming off 180 pages of ass-kicking catalog action, so, you know, take yer best shot!

- - - -

LOTS OF LAUGHS HERE: “Please design a logo for me. With pie charts.” (Thanks, Piney!)

- - - -

GOOD THINGS ARE GOING DOWN IN SEATTLE: A sea town to the north of us. Known for coffee and other stuff we could care less about. Nevertheless, we’re here to pass on the news that Seattle’s very own Department of Energy updates their site, and we can feel the electrification all the way down in Portland. I know people on the inside. My sources check out. This is the real deal.

- - - -


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02. Old 97s - Wreck Yer Life
03. Thee Oh Sees - Help

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Thanks for the words, whenever we can co-lab on a job hit us muthafuckin UP. However we just did a cool little thingy for Union in their booth that I know George ran by you.

Posted by: styk on 12/01/09 at 6:03 PM

Hope there’s contention for a man like myself to get an honest cover photo in this last issue. Have the boys open up my folder to you.

Posted by: Robert Harold Sell III on 12/01/09 at 11:16 PM
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