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November 17, 2009
Thrifting = Just Might Equal Rent
Posted at 01:18 AM


MARK THAT CALENDAR: I’m doing a deal with the Portland AIGA chapter called, “Designspeaks.” December the 10th, people. Here’s a Facebook-y link to the deal.

Designspeaks, eh? I got a couple choice words for the city of Portland. You can bet on that.

At the Ace Cleaners, downtown. Tell my story, show some work, talk some smack, and hock a mountain of merch. Gonna be fun as hell. Be there, or be added to my ever-growing “shit list.”

- - - -

WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, WELL, IT DOESN’T MATTER: Here’s some words that will stick to yer ribs. “How I Paid My Rent For 6 Months By Thrifting” by Minneapolis’ very own Justin Peddycoart.

This link should make you think. It should rile you up. It got me pretty fired up along the lines of, “What am I really doing.” I’m in here sun-up to the wee hours, making things to sell things. Sometimes I get lost.

Now, I don’t know if “thrifting for survival” is the answer, but, it’s the balls to change things up for oneself that counts. That’s what I’m getting at here.

And that’s why we are nominating Mr. Peddycoart as our “bad-ass of the month” for November. Hell yes.

Thank you, man. Incredible link. I look forward to the next installment of this saga called “Just How In The Hell I Became Rich As Shit Doing Exactly What The Fuck I Want.”

I’m working on my own version of just that, each and every second of my life.

- - - -

SEE? CANADA, AGAIN: Canuck! (Sent in by Streger, out there in Colorado.)

- - - -


01. Tortoise & Bonnie “Prince” Billy The Brave And The Bold
02. Treepeople - Guilt Regret Embarrassment
03. Son Volt - Wide Swing Tremolo

There is One Comment

Those canuck shirts rule. Might have to get me one of those.

Stumbled upon this today, the link is damn old, but there’s some pretty awesome vintage field and stream magazine covers on display.


Posted by: Chip on 11/18/09 at 4:00 PM
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