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I’VE SAID IT MANY, MANY TIMES: Canada kicks our butt! Baltimore’s very own Neal Shaffer comes in hot with that Manitoba gem up above, and we thank him for it.

Canada. Like Northwest Norm says, “A strange and wonderful place.”

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THERE GOES THE MORNING: A kick ass Flickr set called, “Mystery / Thrillers.” Books, people. Tons to check out. Great type, great color.

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THIS IS THE KIND OF TREATMENT I GET: Goo handed off this link earlier this afternoon, with some sass in voice. I’m sorry that I care, man. Goddamn hippies. Get a haircut. You oughta see Goo’s files. Loosest data in the business. I got two words for you, Goo: “Align Palette.”

Alright, enough venom: “Mistakes in Typography Grate the Purists.”

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HELL YES, WE CONCURR: American treasure Cormac McCarthy thinks Blood Meridian is “filmable.” Whoever does it better have one large set of balls.

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RIGHT HERE IN PORTLAND: Brad Simon illustrates things. And the stuff is awesome. Plus, he’s a Gocco black belt of the highest degree. Not to be messed with. He’s got a new blog going. Here ya go: Brad Simon Art.

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we are a strange & wonderful people.

manitoba is the greatest show on earth.

Posted by: craig medwyduk on 11/17/09 at 10:19 AM
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