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October 22, 2009
Tonight: That Jesus Lizard.
Posted at 05:06 PM


That goddamned Jesus Lizard is playing tonight, right here in Portland. A singing group.

It was fun hanging out with old man Yow this spring. He’s a sweet little man when he’s not under the influence. Get a couple jiggers of fire water in him and he gets mean and nasty, in his own charming, elfish way.

And I want to see that tonight, and bring back some of those thumping memories of those mid ’90s. Sims on the bass. McNeilly on the skins. Denison on the axe. Yow on fire. I got to see them a handful of times, and find myself thankful for that.

We’re going. Hell yes, Mr. Resch! Word from old man Yow is that he put us on a list. Awesome. See you down there, you mouthbreathers!

- - - -

MORE LIZARD REPORTING, FROM SAN DIEGO: Henry sums it all up pretty good over on Chunklet.com.

- - - -

EVERY COUPLE MONTHS, THIS LINK BLOWS ME AWAY: A million banks logos. It happened again, just this morning.

Right here. There you go. (Brought to you by the good people of Rotor Design, Minneapolis, Minn..)

- - - -

SPEAKING OF ROTOR DESIGN… : Here’s some recent work from them: Marine General Store, Marine on St. Croix, Minn. Nice work!

- - - -

HEAVY STUFF FROM HEAVY TIMES: “Emory Douglas: Black Panther” (Sent in by Florida’s very own Janeen Smith. Power to the people!)

- - - -


01. Jesus Lizard - Lash
02. Jesus Lizard - Goat
03. Jesus Lizard - Down
04. Jesus Lizard - Liar

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Hey Aaron, I found this link for a vintage sign site at underconsideration thought you might find it interesting if you haven’t seen it already.



Posted by: Ben on 10/23/09 at 10:10 AM

wow, that rotor design stuff is amazing. Thanks!

Posted by: clint on 10/23/09 at 11:03 AM
Posted by: Jules on 10/23/09 at 4:30 PM
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