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Draplin Design Co., North America


With my presentation out of the way, I got to be a camper. And that was awesome.


01. Seeing Ryno off in the morning. About time.
02. DJ Stout on the main stage! Austin, Texas!
03. “Legal Basics for Designers” workshop. Big fun.
04. Design trivia with Ellen Lupton.
05. Ellen Lupton on the main stage! Toasters, people!
06. Selling 100 posters!!! Thanks, campers!
07. Supper with new friends.
08. Pantone bingo, motherfuckers!
09. Late night strategy sessions with Greg Hubacek. A brother from here on out.

Thank you to everyone who came up to shoot the shit, bought me a cold one or had some nice words to share. So good.

There is One Comment

Brother indeed. Great talking with you. Ned, Ian, the rest of the Space Cadets had a great time meeting you too. Until next time…

Posted by: Greg Hubacek on 10/07/09 at 1:54 PM
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