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October 18, 2009
Happy Leighday
Posted at 10:47 AM


Happy Birthday to Leigh.

32 rings!


01. Knows all about foreign films.
02. Likes to go outside.
03. Is nice to people who don’t necessarily deserve it.
04. Cooks up some lethal orzo.
05. Has a million friends all over the Michigan northwoods.
06. Is almost done with her degree.
07. Has a guy “playing a turkey baster” for her in Ireland.
08. Raised a nice, young boy named Ewan. Be good, please.
09. Is patient with Gary. A tall order for a short dog.
10. Is patient with Aaron. A large order for a large man.
11. Navigates the city with precision.
12. Loves a glass of wine. Or two.
13. Likes music that makes you move.
14. Is on the hunt for the perfect jean jacket.
15. Donates time to those in need.
16. Can get you hammered. (Summer months.)
17. Is a big fan of the Mt. St. Helens nature zone.
18. Smells good.
19. Can hold her goddamn own.
20. Does math in her sleep.
21. Reads at a highly-advanced level.
22. Is ladylike, when it calls for it.
23. Has a “good head of hair.”
24. Like fruit on salad, which grosses me the hell out.
25. Battle adversity with fairness, wit and fire.
26. Favorite movie, ever: Cinema Paradiso.
27. Gives a mean back rub.
28. Is hooked on Top Chef.
29. Questions the state of the technological deluge.
30. Has soul.
31. Wields that soul with a knife.
32. Wants more “woods” and less “everything else.”

There you go. Happy 32nd, lady.

We’re off to Ape Cave. Washington state, people!

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Happy 32nd Leigh, you young whippersnapper!

Posted by: Alex S. on 10/18/09 at 1:56 PM

The Ape Caves are rad, MAKE SURE YOU BRING A LANTERN! If you have a gas powered one, even better - you will want the light.

Posted by: Eric W on 10/19/09 at 12:41 PM
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