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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 10, 2009
Basher Saturday
Posted at 11:56 AM


Mike Basher
is still here, wrapping up shit for the mag. He flies out in a couple hours. The pic you are seeing above, that’s a shot from a day trip he took with his lady Char and their dog George. From just north of Denver out east to the border of Nebraska. (The artifacts at the top and upper left corners were intentional. Film, people, film!)

Here’s another one from that day trip.

A couple years back when the magazine moved to Boulder, there was a bit of a sadness to the whole thing. I mean, Boulder’s cool and all, but, well…I’ll just keep my big trap shut on that one. Nevertheless, to cheer up the group, I remember saying, “But fuck, think of how close you guys’ll be to Nebraska!”

Didn’t go over too well. That’s where my mind goes. Bummed to be leaving the West Coast? Think about the prairie, you shits! Yeah, that’s the sort of angle I think about.

Here’s one Mike took from the windows of the DDC factory floor, overlooking our little section of Produce Row.

Mike Basher
, you beast. Keep up the great work on the mag, and behind the lens. And basically, don’t call me until the next mag starts up.

- - - -

IN OTHER NEWS: Leigh, Ewan and I going to Rohloff Farms today. Big fun. Pumpkins. Apples. Cider. Family fun. Little People TV stars. Etc.

There is One Comment

Okay…this is kinda random, but there’s a partial thread of logic here, sparked by the photo. And a good pic it is. Love it! Nice work Mike. So…I just remembered I had this book, and then had to go rummaging through my boxes for it. Just thought I’d share. It has some really nice section and axon drawings…and some nice pics too. Meant to photograph some of these monoliths of the plains when I was back in the sticks. Anyway…it’s really just food for thought. Gobble it up.

Grain Elevators

Posted by: brent veak on 10/13/09 at 12:20 PM
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