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Draplin Design Co., North America


Dear Mom, Having a great time at camp. The first night was hard. The second night got a little easier. Threw up in my bunk last night. The food isn’t as good as yours. Tell Dad he’s an animal. I miss you. Send socks. Send boxer shorts. Send money. Love, Aaron.

- - - -

FINAL DAY OF CAMP: Woke up, had a hearty breakfast with the good people of Studio On Fire and headed over to the big room for some Hush action.

Hush’s presentation was great. Bravo, fellas. I’m just here to tell you: These guys have some serious talent and man, you have already seen their work all over the place. And you’ll be seeing more and more. Incredible. Great guys too. David! Eric! So good to have met you guys. Come to Portland! DDC factory floor “All Access” passes await.

Design Camp came to an end today. Here’s a tiny little Flickr recap of the deal. I can’t believe I didn’t take more photos. Too busy shooting the shit, I guess.

- - - -


01. Seth Engman, you organizational beast! Thanks for inviting me, man. So much Had a hell of a time.
02. Longhair Chris! You are a king, man. Keep in touch!
03. AV wizards Steve, Jeremy and Kent. Wind beneath my wings.
04. All the AIGA volunteers…ladies and gentleman…you are royalty of the highest order. Thank you for saving my ass more than once. Seriously.
05. All the campers. All of you. Good talking it up with you. Each and every one.
06. Those Minnesota Northwoods. Don’t change a thing, man.

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Thank you for being such an awesomely genuine and gracious dude. Your presentation was fantastic, your company was priceless, and I really hope we get to see you again real soon.

You got me excited about seriously considerin’ travellin’, so I might have to take you up on that visit!

Thanks again for brightening up Camp, and I hope you’re havin’ a great time settlin’ back down with all those fine folks y’got!


P.S. How’s a guy pick out a proper DDC hat color? Gotta order me one’a those!

Posted by: Chris on 10/07/09 at 8:22 PM