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September 19, 2009
Still Thinking About Mr. Kanchev
Posted at 11:14 PM


I’m still thinking about Mr. Kanchev. Just blown away. I’ve seen those stamps for years, and you always wonder, who’s the artist? It’s just incredible to know a guy like that existed, and made such beautiful stuff for as long as he did. Incredible.

Inspiring to the point where I’m laying there trying to doze off, and just want to go draw and make and try and so on. 3 a.m. and stuff.

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A FUN, LITTLE TIME WASTER: Go ahead, jump! Sent in by one Breck Chumley, from somewhere in this great land. Cool name, man!

There is One Comment

I hear ya, man. I, too, just discovered Kanchev’s work last week and have been hitting the site everyday. Those logos just keep giving and giving.

What marvels me is that, even though he’s on par with guys like Bass and Rand, he went completely unmentioned during my design studies and personal research. Not sure if it was the same for you, but I get the impression Kanchev flew just below the radar here in North America. Blows my mind.

Posted by: James White on 09/21/09 at 6:18 AM
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