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September 09, 2009
Coming Up Nines
Posted at 07:06 PM


First off, Happy Goddamn Motherfucking Birthday to Chris Coyle. The biggest 35 ever. We need more Coyle. Come down to the shop, man. I’ll tell you about my 35th year.

999. 09-09-09. Nine nine nine.

Enjoy the day, people.

- - - -

SOME PROOF FOR YOU: Sure, I’m always talking about “how busy I am” and all that shit, and never really show any of the stuff off on here. From time to time I get an email along the lines of, “Show us what you got, Mr. Big Talk.” Something like that.

Well readers, here’s some proof for you: I did an icon set for Mt. Hood’s Timberline. You can see the little buggers there on the photos on the home page.

Now, if you go here, you can play a fun little memory game with all of them. Hell yes. So cool. Real proud of these.

Thanks for believing in us, Mr. Reed! Much appreciated.

- - - -

HERE’S ANOTHER COOL LAST NAME: “Zindel.” Thank you Rude Zindel. Thank you for sending in this old eraser in. This one right here: An old Weldon Roberts eraser from 1917.

- - - -

FAR, FAR AWAY IN JAPAN: Jim O’Rourke isn’t coming home anytime soon. That’s fine and all. I’m more concerned with getting a copy of his new long player, The Visitor. Pretty excited for this one. Been waiting for some new solo stuff for a long time. Thank you, Mr. O’Rourke.

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Love the Mt.Hood icon set! Keep up the awesome!

Posted by: Andrea on 09/10/09 at 8:30 AM

Played the game. It’s like the old Match Game and was cool. It took me 53 tries to complete which I am sure is crap and it only allowed me to avoid real work for a few minutes which is also pretty crap! Good job.

Posted by: Jamie Berger on 09/11/09 at 1:53 PM
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