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Out of Shreveport this morning, and all the way down to New Orleans, Explored Baton Rouge for an hour, hitting a couple records stores there. Not to be messed with.

Thought about Angola, as we whipped by the turn off to that river hellhole. Some pretty hard time being served behind those walls.

Got into New Orleans pretty late, secured some hotel rooms and got down to work.

Dale went to the airport to grab a couple imports. Jess and Evan fly in tonight from Portland and Burlington. Couple of real pricks.

I got some work done and crashed out hard. No big fanfare. Air conditioning. Threats from Dale.


-French Quarter graveyard tour
-Swamp shit
-Record stores

- - - -

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS HERE FLICKR SET GETS HITS THE SPOT: “Industrial Park Typography” courtesy of one Randy Verbeck. Serious stuff. Learn something from it. Avant Garde action, even. Fine with us. Thanks, Randy. Good eye, good work.

- - - -

SKATE OR DIE: I was more of a “Santa Cruz man” myself back in the day, but do give it up to Powell-Peralta for slaying it like they did. Here’s pretty much the whole collection of their stickers from the era. Pretty awesome. My favorite of the bunch. (Thank you, Huckleberry Hart!)

- - - -

GONNA BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THIS ONE: An incredible Ginger-Mint Julep ghost sign in downtown New Orleans.

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Jesus, I am such a nerd I was about to head off to bed but I have to get on my nerd horse and point out that all the Powell / Peralta classics were drawn by one single dude, the enigmatic Vernon Courtland Johnson. Same with Santa Cruz - Jim Phillips. Something to think about. Strive for excellence.

Posted by: bendall on 08/02/09 at 6:48 AM

Damn dude, missed you by a day in Shreveport. Who knew it was Reno relocated? Not this unsuspecting yank. You and I are diverging now, though, my next jump of is Albuquerque. (I hate typing that.) The hugeness of Texas lies before me…

Posted by: Graham on 08/04/09 at 12:41 AM
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