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The mag was uploaded at 6pm EST today. Very happy to type that out. To a lonely FTP in St. Cloud, Minnesota‚€”we’d reckon‚€”inside a computer lab located in a large building, with the faint sound of printing presses in the background printing shit like the wind. All speculation.

Those pages have been a monkey on my back for too many days. So with those off to the printer, now I can get to “everything else.”

Thanks for yer patience, wonderful clients. Expect digital files soon, from the woods here in Lake Ann.

- - - -

HERE’S A SCARY ONE FOR YOU: “Reduce yer odds of being in a plane crash with this infographic.” Scary shit. Thanks to Styk for freaking me out even more, you big prick. Sometimes I’m a good traveler in the friendly skies. Other times, I’m a big, sweating mess. Hard to say. I’m more a “Man of the Road.” More control.

Although, my buddy Faz out in Portland has a brother, Jonathan, and he flies big jumbo jets for some deal out of Dubai. One time he told me about all the shit that goes down when they are flying planes back on dead legs. Wild shit. Freestyle shit. And then he told me about the testing that planes go through. And let me tell you this much: Hearing all that, I suddenly felt better about “a little patch of turbulence” and “a couple bumps here and there.” Really. Thank you to the Debeb Brothers. Kings.

- - - -

MOTHER EARTH, AND ALL MYSTERIES THEREIN: This is what Basher was nice enough to lend me, just before I left Colorado last month: The BBC’s Planet Earth. I know, I know, that shit is soooo 2007. Sorry, internetters. I’m digging it. Last night, I was deep in some caves with glowing worms and shit. Pretty awesome. Makes you feel like the pitiful little 1/6,000,000,000,000 you are.

- - - -

WHEN BEN SCHNEIDER TALKS, WE LISTEN: Polvo’s got a new one coming called, In Prism. Yes. Can’t wait. One of our favorites from back in the good ‘ol days before all this Animal Collective shit and Builders and the Butchers and what not. Rock and roll.

Here’s a free track off In Prism. This will be in heavy rotation on this machine. Bet on that. Listening to it right now. Heavy duty shit. Love it.


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Love the site, great work also. Hair organizer is the best.

Posted by: JASON WASHER on 08/19/09 at 9:05 AM
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