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August 17, 2009
Monday, And We Keep Our Focus
Posted at 03:24 PM


I keep going back to this little chocolate milk carton I got on that World’s Longest Yard Sale last week. This little cow just might be “the best thing we saw on the whole route.” Might not be. Not gonna put too much thought into it, but will be viewing it many times. There you go.

All but three pages are designed for that damn magazine. The mag will be wrapped tonight, and then final tuning will commence, and if we’re lucky, that sumbitch will be up and off tomorrow at this time. Fingers are crossed.

- - - -

BEEN TO THIS ONE A NUMBER OF TIMES: Robbie Sell sends in that incredible Olympic Poster link. Tons of posters to check out. Impressive stuff.

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: A good lookin’ little black and tan Lego wiener dog.

- - - -

RECOMMENDED BY THE DDC: The documentary about legendary crooner and conman Chet Baker: Let’s Get Lost.

For the record, it was Leigh who turned me on to Chet Baker. There you go, lady. Credit, where credit is, due, and, gently reminded within an inch of my life. My sweetheart.

- - - -

ALL KINDS OF AWESOME HERE: A bunch of logos made by Mr. Ben Pieratt.

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