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Draplin Design Co., North America


Our “earlybird day” went pretty well yesterday. We were a little nervous tables wouldn’t be up yet. No need to fret. We must’ve hit 25 sales over the course of the daylight day. And hell, that was just pregame of this beast, before the thing started officially.

Here’s our coverage from the day: “Earlybird Day - 2009 World’s Longest Yard Sale.”

We’re out there right now, getting dirty just north of Chattanooga, and through Tennessee today.

See you out there.

- - - -

GUTS, GUTS, GUTS: A whole bunch of Jim Coudal right here. Learn something here, folks. Our buddy.

- - - -

SEEMS LIKE THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH ROOM IN THE RIG: These guys might be on to something. Hell yes. (Thanks, Schille!)

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