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July 20, 2009
Seeing Green In Boulder
Posted at 11:03 PM


So that’s that. I’m here and plugged in and getting down to the task at hand: Kicking the shit out of these pages for Snowboard Magazine.

Basher and I are locked in a windowless office, fighting for our lives. The cage match that we call “making a magazine” starts right now!

Seeing green! All week! Mountains up behind us, pages on the monitors. Seeing green!

- - - -

ONE OF OUR FAVORITES FROM THE LAST YEAR: Confessions of a Superhero is doing pretty well for itself. You need to see this. It’ll tug at yer heartstrings. I was crying like a baby.

- - - -

IT’S SUMMERTIME, AND THOSE LIPS ARE FLAMING ALL OVER THE LAND: And here’s a cool illustration of them by Garett Morlan. Awesome, man. This link was sent it by Colin Whyte, my international buddy.

- - - -

WE CONCUR: Some good commentary here, offered up by Jules Hugo, from somewhere. Maybe somewhere exotic, maybe not?

- - - -

RECOMMENDED BY THE DDC: A helpful little app called, “Art Director Toolkit” that has some handy little shortcuts for those of us in the graphic arts field.

- - - -

SOMETHING INCREDIBLE FROM YESTERYEAR: Basically, one the coolest piece of Carhartt-iana I’ve seen to date. Wow. Seriously beautiful.

- - - -

JUSTN WHAT WE NEEDED: Brother Chris Laws knows how to handle shit. Here’s proof: Just look at how he framed up that “Pretty Much Everything” poster! My heart swells with pride! Kinda getting weepy thinking about how awesome every little shred of “all of this” is. So cool. Thanks CLaws. You are golden!

And hey you wharf rats: Don’t even think for a second that the DDC Merch department is down for the count due to our Boulder situation. Not even close. I’ve got Dale on the case back in Portland, so, if you are feeling wild, buy a goddamn poster and give Dale a job. You need one of these.

The DDC: Putting Dales to work since 2008.

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