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Draplin Design Co., North America


The image above was spotted at the “First Monday Trade Days” of Canton, Texas this morning. From a program titled, “Hemisfair ‘68.” Broke the bank on it, too: One buck.

Here’s the finer moments of our foray.

- - - -


Met up with one this morning. Little bastard didn’t last too long after he got the best of me. I outweighed the little firecracker rather well, and crushed him with one surgical swat to my ankle. Then I cut him in half, just for good measure. Those things sting!

Dale, that sweating pile of Dixon, was on a smoke break and walked back to the van saying, “I’m staying away from that fire ant swarm over there.” So of course I go to investigate and get but a couple feet away, look down on the swarm, and then spit a big loogie right into the middle of it, just to rile them up some.

So then I walk back to the van, jump in, Dale and I marvel at the kinetic quality of the swarm and, “Zap!” and one got me! The little bugger must’ve climbed on to my shoe? I mean, I wasn’t over by the swarm for more than five seconds, seriously. So weird, and so incredible.

LESSON LEARNED: Don’t spit on fire ants.

- - - -

SINISTER LITTLE SCARABS: These little pricks were all over the parking lot of the hotel last night. Scary stuff.

- - - -

PRETTY INTERESTING: This guy made a linocut map of Paris the size of a room. That’s big. I don’t know about the whole “Paris thing,” but, hell, a pretty incredible feat nonetheless. Here’s another look at it. (Thanks, Schille and Maddox!)

- - - -

ONE HELL OF A LINK SENT FROM VANCOUVER, BC, WAY OUT WEST: A couple of incredible examples of beautiful Futura Bold usage, and on work vehicles, too. Futura Bold for life. I’m not joking.

- - - -

SILVER SCREEN SNIPPETS: A new site dedicated to old movie titles: “Main titles from movies.” Nicely designed, Mr. Annyas! Hell yes.

- - - -

OVERHEARD TODAY, IN THE HEAT: “The old guy’s rough as a cob.” -Dale, referring to an old coot proprietor.

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Thanks for the compliment, Mr. Draplin! That means a lot (to me) coming from you. Hell yes.

Posted by: Christian Annyas on 08/01/09 at 7:32 AM
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