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July 29, 2009
And The World Opens Back Up
Posted at 06:29 PM


Well, well, well.

That mag is done, uploaded and off to the printer. Phew. Some thanks are in order:

- Thank you to everyone at Storm Mountain for putting me up/putting up with me the last week, hospitality and the opportunity to make the mag.

- Extra special thanks to Nate and Tawnya for stepping up to the plate. Big time.

- Extra extra special thanks to Mike & Char Basher for letting me crash at Ft. Basher each night. Much appreciated, people.

Off to Denver right now. Down to Larry’s Loft for the night.

Tomorrow morning, motherfuckers, I grab Dale and we head for Dallas.

Been waiting for some time off all summer long.

I want to enjoy each minute for two minutes. Think about that. Nothing on the radar but junk, junk and junk. You know, revving up for the World Longest Yard Sale…that starts in a week! Holy hell.

- - - -

PROUD TO BE A “MAKER” FOR LIFE: Colin Whyte digs up some wild shit. Here’s a little diatribe that’ll make whoever’s “calling the shots” above you squirm some, and rightfully so. Get with it, management. Get cool. Now. Cut the shit.

Meetings about meetings? Not on my dime or time.

Get busy making things. You only got so many hours in a day, you know? Make ‘em count. Let’s get to work.

- - - -

WE WEREN’T DONE WITH NEW HAMPSHIRE JUST YET: Dabica comes out whatever rock he’s been underneath and drops a bomb of stamped metal and painted porcelin on us. Here’s what he had to say: “More photos from the family’s junk pile. Still just scratching the surface.” Another reason to go East sometime soon. Man.

That one has some years on it. Wow.

And Dabica, while we’re measuring dicks, let me just tell you: My Dad’s got that shit beat. Sure, you guys have the lighting, but my old man, he’s got volume. Just you wait for the full goddamn outlay.

- - - -

BAKER FINDS ALL THE COOL SHIT: Check out this carving of, uh, a shirt.

The O Group, eh? New deal, eh? Some pretty serious big city stuff in there. I make logos for hot dog carts. These guys figure out the branding for slick bottles of booze and shirts with little alligators on them. What a world.

- - - -


01. Son Volt’s version of, “Lookin’ at the world through a windshield.”
02. Rig Rock Deluxe - A Musical Salute to the American Truck Driver
03. Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska

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