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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 17, 2009
Four On The Floor
Posted at 09:18 PM


Finally got down to business and set up the new Quadbanger. Man, what a fuckin’ gauntlet. Such a nerd. Just sweating every upload, preference dump and whatever. Feeling exhausted by the whole thing, honestly. So much of my little so-called life is wrapped up into this machine. In one end and out the other. Kinda shameful! I should try going outside, like my gal does. You know, with the trees and sky and stuff? Nah, maybe not.

I had a couple problems with the set up, completely crippling the last day or so. Killing me. Things seem to be stable now, for the most part.

A plea to Digi Dave in Boulder: Hey man, I might need your eagle eye to look over the rig when I get there, just to see if I fucked anything up? Whatever yer hourly rate is; double it. I come bearing Field Notes!

- - - -

TIME SOFTENS WOUNDS: I’ve always had it for moose. After a scary run in with a rather pissed off moose up in Anchorage a decade ago, I had to fight to keep my love intact. I was riding my bike through the woods in town, and a big ol bastard just sorta lunged at me out of the brush. Not quite “charging” but enough to make me fill my drawers right away. Those things are big. Serious.

Hell, one time I saw one splayed out on its haunches on the highway, unable to stand due to four broken legs. Just about the saddest sonofabitchin’ thing you ever saw. I remember a truck full of rednecks laughing it up in the line of cars waiting for the Fish & Game officers to secure the scene. Fuckers. Anyhoo, this link is dedicated to that moose.

- - - -

HELL YEAH, CAMPBELL!: Today’s a good day to be proud of things. I can think of one brother I am especially proud of. His name is Eric Campbell and we go way back. His design deal is called Tandem, and he works of out of our hometown of Traverse City, Mich.

These days, he’s designing stuff for a little furniture company called “Herman Miller.” You might’ve heard of them?

And to think I used to tell he “had a rat’s face.” I am a horrible person. Seriously good work, man! Please send me a chair. And FedEx that shit, man. Come on, now.

- - - -

WHEN COLBY THUESON TELLS YOU HE’S GONNA DO SOMETHING, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT: Here’s that oil can Flickr set he’s been talking about “putting up” on the web: “Oil!” Goddamn incredible. Bravo, man.

I’ll shotgun this here can of oil right now. Serious. Fuck it.

- - - -

SIMPLE ENOUGH: Just a cool photo of a guy and a big piston. I’m thinking about dirving across the West, so, you know, whatever the hell it takes to get a guy fired up.

- - - -

END GAME: And with that, quite frankly, I am “outta here.” As these words go to press, a van is getting loaded with computer gear, some DDC merch and an iron will. I gotta be in Boulder Monday morning and plan on slaying 1200 miles starting late tonight. Look for me out there. Big white van, 100+ mph, fist pumping out the driver’s side window..

- - - -


01. Me pleading with Cam to “save my ass” with my Mail client.
02. Me pleading with Apple about some iChat snafu-ery.
03. The sound of cords being plugged in and shit getting loaded up.

There Are 6 Comments

Have a fuckin’ biiiiitchin’ trip Draplin and bring us back those forgotten corners of America!

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick on 07/17/09 at 9:39 PM

That clock RULES!!!!!! Do you own it?

Posted by: tim pagast on 07/18/09 at 8:48 AM


Thought you might like the commentary on the image; sounds like you.

Posted by: Julian on 07/18/09 at 7:16 PM

Consider it done. We’ll get the Nehalem tower of power right proper during your stay in Boulder.

Posted by: Digital Dave on 07/20/09 at 11:13 AM

Consider it done. We’ll get the Nehalem tower of power right proper during your stay in Boulder.

Posted by: Digital Dave on 07/20/09 at 11:13 AM

Darnit. You sideswiped me with that moose story-ette and made me cry a little inside.

Posted by: abberdab on 07/21/09 at 7:45 PM
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