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Gas prices are on the rise. Like clockwork. So it goes. Each morning I drive to work and notice a couple pennies here and there. Weird.

These words are typed out with the sound of Dale in the background, feverishly breaking down boxes, cleaning up this and that once and for all in the dark, forgotten corners of the DDC factory floor.

It’s Friday and we’re getting to the bottom of some shit.

- - - -

SOME HEAVIES ON THE COURT: All day today, layer tennis. All sorts of badassery. See you over there. I’ll be in and out of that arena all day long, checking out the action, studying the competition. I’ll be battling Hubacek next Friday, and man, it’s gonna get wild.

The kid’s got Minneapolis behind him, so I’m gonna have to dig real deep. Gonna be tough.

Plus, he’s got one of these there to mess with him some, so, you know, that poster works/harms on many levels.

Hey Hubacek: Be ready.

- - - -

WE’RE CALLING BULLSHIT, ER, DOGSHIT ON THIS ONE: What, dashshunds don’t get their own little, cutesy baggies? That’s the just fine for us, as we use the “Where It Drops, It Stays” method in our walks and forays around town.

- - - -

SPECIAL GODDAMN THANKS TO: Every bad-ass who bought a poster this week. Another big load is going out tonight. Very orange. All over the world!

- - - -

47 DAYS OUT!: World’s Longest Yard Sale. And of course, we’re locking down plans for our “2nd Annual World’s Longest Yard Sale Adventure.” This thing is going to kick some serious butt.

- - - -

THIS LINK MAKES ME WISH I WAS MORE OF A BEER DRINKER: Shiner beers, and the incredible packaging that surrounds it. Wow. Brought to you by the McGarrah Jessee firm of Austin, Texas. Good work. Phew. (This link was passsed on by Tyler Barnes, who quite frankly, isn’t one to mess with in the typography department, either. My stock just went down a couple points. Fuck.)

I’ve got a coal in the fire with the good people of Farmer’s Brewing, Shawano, Wisc. They are starting up a new deal that, and if everything works out just right, will be a project for the DDC. Fingers are crossed!

- - - -

I’VE SEEN SOME BIG ASS MOOSE IN MY DAY… : …but this one takes the cake.

- - - -

BEEN HERE AT LEAST 10 TIMES ALREADY, AND ALWAYS ENJOY THE VISIT: A tiny little Flickr set called “Miniatures” that has big, big greatness. One of the best things I’ve ever seen. I swear. (Sent by Anthony Mercer and a handful of other patriots. Thank you kindly, guys.)

- - - -


01. Paw - Dragline
02. Sam Prekop - S/T
03. Replacements - All Shook Down

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Dude, PAW - Dragline. That is one classic album. I saw them a few years ago on a small tour they did. They belted out a lot of the Dragline material. So good.


Posted by: Naz Hamid on 06/19/09 at 5:30 PM

Weird, I just finished reading (literally a couple minutes prior to finding this post) the Jimmy Carter speech on “the Crisis of Confidence”. The speech in which he outlined the gas rationing objectives. So many great points in that speech that apply today, maybe even more so.

Keep up the good work. *fuel for the fire*

Posted by: Ben Smith on 06/22/09 at 8:21 AM

Shawano! Very nice. I expect great things. Nothing less. Keep me posted.

Posted by: tyler fanning on 06/23/09 at 11:00 AM
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