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POSTER: Just gotta pick the shit up from Kinko’s, and off those tubes go….


BACK ON THAT LAYER TENNIS COURT THIS FRIDAY: This time around, I go up against Sam Potts. A formidable opponent. Serious skills. Big city saavy. This is the guy who did those cool Hodgman book covers. This Friday at 2pm Chicago time/High Noon Portland time!

It turns out that Sam wins the coin flip!

These are the quarterfinal matches, working up towards a final in July.

This week, it’s a doubleheader on a Friday. Next week, four more contestants battle it out. Then, on the 19th,

Glass vs. Hubacek go first! Who the fuck do I root for? Man. Hard decisions. Ohio vs. Minnesota? Man. Gonna be a fun match. When those turkeys are down, then the shit hits the fan(s). Potts and I climb into the ring and go to war at 2pm sharp!

I don’t know Sam one bit, and just might be better for the “path of wrath” I plan on unleashing upon him and all of New York City around him.

Let’s do this.

Just know this much, Potts: I’ve been training for this match all of my life.

- - - -


- - - -

NOW WE’RE TALKING: Here’s a nice mess of old tennis ball cans. Get to clicking, people.

- - - -

LOOKS LIKE THIS JUST BE THE HOLY GRAIL FOR TODAY’S FODDER: Just like it says: Vintage Tennis Cans. And man, enough to fill up Wimbleton.

You can see how this “searching shit” goes. You find one, then another, then stumble on to the link above and, well, find the motherload. Could do this all day. Often do.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the extra 46 seconds to scrounge up some “retro tennis cans from the ’70s.” So, if any of you pirates have a link, send that shit in! That goes for racquet ball stuff too. So good.

- - - -

THIS SITE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER: The Dieline tackles, “Crayola crayons over the years.” (Thanks to Dave Caskey for sending this one in!)

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how the hell do you find the time to do all this - tube packing (in the literal sense), union work, gary wrangling, layer tennis … just make sure you take a minute here and there to sniff the air - and give a wave to the Hawthorne for me. :)

Posted by: dave on 06/12/09 at 5:29 AM

Good luck!

Posted by: scott baker on 06/12/09 at 9:22 AM
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