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June 09, 2009
Wrangling The Unwrangable
Posted at 01:27 PM

Just. One. More. Binding. To. Squeeze. Out.

- - - -


DON’T KNOW IF I’M FEELING THE “SCALLOPS”: “Dishes that men like.” Sent in by a guy with “Hunter” as his middle name, Matt Hunter Ross. Pretty awesome. Thanks!

- - - -

VERY, VERY ORANGE: Buddy from way back When Chuck Pearce might’ve just found that “storage container” I’ve always wanted for the backyard. Wow. That shit’s tight. Dale, you in for a run over to Vancouver?

- - -

WE’RE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU: Sexy paper. (Thanks, Katie!)

- - - -

ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS GOING: Josh Keyes and his new art show. Impressive, odd, beautiful stuff.

- - - -

KING OF THE BREEDS: Knick-knackery, in full effect. Not necessarily crucial to civilization, but great nonetheless.

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