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June 21, 2009
Blue Sky Sunday
Posted at 03:34 PM


It’s Sunday and the sky is blue and filled with clouds. I’m in the shop catching up on all the nastiness. The only thing I’m living for right at this point in time is that Tyson documentary later tonight. Looks interesting and Leigh and I will be hiking across the river later on to see it.

Upon reflection, last week was one of my greatest of the year, work-wise. I got a mountain of shit done over the workweek, and then celebrated by “having nothing to do graphically” all day yesterday. And tomorrow, the same ferocious focus will be applied to all projects that fill up the day, all the way to Friday.

This is all about “ramping up” for the upcoming summer onslaught: A pile of magazines, advertising, web sites, logos, things, stuff, riff raff. Summers are busy for me, and I’m gonna slay 2009’s warm’s months, doing my damnedest to free up time for the Fall. Summer, we could care less about you. Fall, you know right where we stand.

Let’s get busy and keep the air conditioning locked at 69 degrees.

There is One Comment

As a freelancer myself i’m fascinated by the “summer of tons of work.” Is this due to the fact you do so much design for the snowboard community? i suppose their materials all come out - novemberish?

I’m curious, as this is my second year on my own - still trying to get the footing of when work comes in, when it cools off and i can take some time off - do personal projects etc.


Posted by: dennis on 06/22/09 at 7:43 AM
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