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June 20, 2009
A Great Saturday
Posted at 11:59 PM



01. Breakfast at Tosis with Ewan and Leigh.
02. Estate Sale: 119th and Holgate. Barking dachshund.
03. CD Player/MP3 input “info quest for van” at Best Buy. No dice, yet.
04. Garage Sale: 47th and Stark. Small bag of treasures.
05. Stopped by Office to tear that goddamned art show down.
06. Pit stop at Ampersand on Alberta. Cool books, cool paper. Go now.
07. Estate Sale: 17th and Stanton. Got a handful of crap.
08. Spent an hour at the Portland Stamp and Paper Show at the Armory.
09. Afternoon naps.
10. Couch guitar strumming.
11. Meatloaf supper at Annie’s grill behind the Lloyd Center.
12. Saw The Hangover across the street from the Lloyd Center. Funny fucks.
13. Late-night viewing of Deadliest Catch episodes missed last couple weeks.
14. Captain Crunch memory lane late night snack.

That was a great Saturday, girl. Thanks.

- - - -

JUST THE FACTS, MAN: The little trees logo thing was from the side of a box of nails, discovered on the back deck at the estate sale in Saturday Line Item No. 07. You know, I don’t even know if it was for sale, but they still took 10 cents for it. Hmmm. That little package is still wet from the afternoon shower that poured down upon it..

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