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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 29, 2009
Tomorrow: DDC Trunk Show!
Posted at 05:00 PM


It’s Friday and I’ve been busy as hell all day long. No rest for the wicked.

- - - -

TOMORROW FROM NOON TO 3 P.M.: The first annual “DDC TRUNK SHOW” at Office PDX! All the DDC Merch we could muster up to hawk at fair prices. Free advice. Loose talk. Tall tales. Selling posters, too. Of course.

Office puts it way better. Here goes: “TRUNK SHOW Draplin Design Co. 12 to 3 PM. Free. Join us for a trunk show and special viewing and purchasing of DDC merch, all new Field Notes, paper goods and behind the scenes sketches. A rare opportunity!”

Lots of goods. Dumb stuff. New items. Things you don’t need. Our soil, our strength. Paper and staples. Graph paper. Wood pencils. Hair organizers. Calendars. Coin purses. Guitar picks. Whatevs.

Comeon by. Should be fun, and, air conditioned only like Office can.

- - - -

YER PROB’LY GETTING SICK OF THIS SHIT BY NOW, BUT HERE’S A LITTLE MORE”: “Aaron’s Art Show Extravaganza!” by my lovely lady Leigh. Thanks, sparks.

- - - -

COAL HEADWEAR, ON THE PAGES OF FRANK 151: In the latest issue. Our latest Coal ad. Hell yes. Bravo Brad, Mark, Jen!

- - - -

WE LOVE COLOR, AND WE LOVE THE FRIENDLY SKIES: Old, colorful airline logos. Color. Form. Type. I’ve been down this road before pushing these things down yer throats, and here we are again. So fuckin’ good. (Thanks, Cam!)

- - - -

WHOA, HOLD ON TO YER BOOT STRAPS: This one is going to take yer core temperature and raise it a good 5-6 degrees: Alan Clarke’s London 2012 Olympic Poster proposals. Keep it simple. Beautiful stuff. Wow. And that diving poster? You gotta be kidding me. Incredible.

Like Mr. Aicher, back in the day.

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Sorry I missed this one. Shoulda gone later. Can never get my hands on plain field notes. All anyone sells is graph. What are we engineers? Glad you liked the words. Any time, you let me know. I’ll be really close to on-time.

Posted by: Graham on 05/30/09 at 5:40 PM

this type is boss. and i love how it sits on the worn surface like that.

Posted by: oyl on 05/31/09 at 9:21 PM
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