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Draplin Design Co., North America


The deal is sealed.
The ink on the slew of carbon-backed forms is dry.
The hands are shook.
The rig is parked out on the street.

Dale, Jess and I went down to Albany early this morning to grab the van. Jess was there to film the transaction for that documentary fiasco we are cobbling together. Dale was there for muscle, just in case. Thankfully, everything went well in our dealings with the good people of Nissen Ford.

Salesman John took great care of me and offered up the rig at a hell of a deal. Sales Manager Ernie drove a hard bargain and wrapped up all the paperwork and the transfer of the title. Dealership Owner Thomas watched over the whole mess, and even gave me a Ford hat. You bet.

I’d like to thank everyone there for good service, a fair price and an overall pleasant car-buying experience.

Salesman are easy targets, and sure, there are some dicey ones out there, but man, that just ain’t the case down at Nissen Ford. You’ve got my word on that one.

At one point, I had Dale look directly into Jim’s eyes, into to the depths of his soul. Everything checked out, and we continued on with the transaction. That’s how we do it.

And if they’ve got me snowballed, and the van is a lemon, I’ll set the sonofabitch on fire and ghost ride it right through the salesroom windows!

Just kidding, fellas. Thanks for putting up with us. Much appreciated.

So here’s to 500,000 miles of bad-ass American-Built Econoline action! Detroit, we’ve got yer back.

- - - -

DON’T DRINK THE WATER: You gotta check out all the crazy matchboxes Matt Lee collected during his time in Bangalore, India. Wild, wild world. Then hear him talk all about them.

- - - -

OLD COMIC BOOKS, AND THE INCREDIBLE ILLUSTRATIONS IN THEM: Oh man, there goes the day. Here’s a blog called “Golden Age Comic Book Stories” and if you know what’s good for ya, you’ll dig around in there. Hell, today’s Frank Frazetta stuff alone is worth a visit. (From Ben Pieratt out there in New York City. Take care, man, and thanks.)

- - - -

SMART INFOGRAPHICS THAT MAKE YOU THINK: Plus or Minus. (This one comes in from the Windy City, from one Cameron Prather. Interesting last name.)

- - - -

CHICAGO, AGAIN: Steve Juras of the Swiderski Institute send us in some snapshots from his visit to Lake Geneva. But we’re recommending you check out the set. Do it. Some great stuff in there. Like this one and this one.

- - - -


01. Jay Farrar - Terroir Blues
02. Karp - Mustaches Wild
03. Rig Rock Deluxe - Various Artists
04. Chuck Prophet - Soap and Water

There Are 16 Comments

TELL ME those are not plastic hubcaps. Just like your dad, I will stop talking to you. You are already on thin ice with the carpet. Oh yeah, and the FORD part as well. I would set it on fire myself if I didn’t think it wouldn’t happen on it’s own.

love you

Posted by: Cory on 05/13/09 at 7:56 PM

You, and your passionate spirit, make me smile. Thanks for that.

Posted by: Daniel Holter on 05/13/09 at 8:14 PM

Grats on the new van!! Glad to see its not a GM!!!

i am looking to get ahold of you for soem work if you arent to busy pimpin it in the new E-Class!!


Posted by: Andrew on 05/13/09 at 10:59 PM

So, is this gonna be covered in Monster energy drink advertising soon? Or will it be Red Bull?

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 05/13/09 at 11:16 PM

Perfect… Just perfect.

Posted by: Greg Meehan on 05/14/09 at 4:46 AM

Have you received the thank-you notes from Shell, Chevron, Speedway and/or Mobil yet? They’ll be thanking you for filling that tank!!

Now, all it needs is a little color.

Posted by: papa d on 05/14/09 at 5:00 AM

Congrats on the van Aaron! Paint that thing orange and go do this with it: http://vimeo.com/4639841 And yes, that is the same intern with the I

Posted by: Brian Maddox on 05/14/09 at 7:17 AM

So when do the DDC graphics go up on this rig?

Posted by: Nate on 05/14/09 at 8:26 AM

Hell yea!…Makes you look thinner

Posted by: Chuck Pearce on 05/14/09 at 8:27 AM

You look fuckin’ BOSS in that thing! Can’t wait to see the paint job.

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick aka Screamin'Yeti Designs on 05/14/09 at 9:15 AM

damn man, thats a sick ride. just dont go slowly driving by parks/schools otherwise you’ll spook the kids. just kidding man, congrats on your purchase and im sure your junkin’ days will only get better because of your new ride. have you christened your ride with a name? you should have a contest!!!!

Posted by: orville esoy on 05/14/09 at 9:23 AM

Hey Aaron, Ole Buddy, Pal, Friend, I got this couch that needs to get to the dump and I need to pick up some drywall this weekend, and then there’s a sweet sale at the garden center on trees, and….

Posted by: Andrius SImutis on 05/14/09 at 9:59 AM

Beautiful - send me some art and we’ll print up some graphics for that bad boy!

Posted by: Don Brown on 05/14/09 at 11:07 AM

Fuck to the YES.

Posted by: Joseph Hughes on 05/14/09 at 11:53 AM

Heck yeah. DDC is mobile and ready to rumble.

Posted by: Huckleberry Hart on 05/14/09 at 12:41 PM

oh… you’re so far from the modern world. I mean Europe of course. Everything needs to be big, no matter if it’s useless. So typical… so american.

A little advice. Never, never buy a white car ;)

Posted by: yeahright on 05/18/09 at 3:44 PM
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