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Draplin Design Co., North America


The logo above is a little humdinger I found in dad’s garage while I was back home. I think I was out scavenging for a beverage, tip-toeing on the cold cement, and saw this, and had to run back in and grab my camera. Otherwise, in my couch delirium, I’d forget about it.

Here’s another thing I found around the house: A man and his homemade t-shirt.

- - - -

ONE OF THE COOLEST LINKS I’VE EVER POSTED ON HERE: Gallery of Book Trade Labels. Click that link, and scroll. Do it. Posted it about a year back or so. One of my favorites, ever. Make me want to shut down the factory floor and go hit the used book store. I just might.

- - - -

WE ARE ALWAYS ASKING FOR “MORE COLOR”: Mr. Bakers digs up some. Just what we needed.

- - - -

WHEN BEN SMITH TALKS, WE LISTEN: Here’s what he had to say, “Mikey Burton and Cranky Pressman have been doing some great work as of late. Check out his “Don’t lose heart” coasters. Makes us Ohioans proud.” Indeed. Check out what he’s talking about right here: Mikey Burton and those coasters.

Check out his Logos section. Some incredible stuff in there. Oh-hi-oh!


01. The Evening Rig - Is Doin’ Stuff
02. Chooglin’ - Nice Place, Nice Party, Nice Folks
03. Son Volt - American Central Dust

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The t-shirt is the fucking best.

Posted by: Steve on 05/07/09 at 2:48 PM

Here’s Mikey Burton printing a letterpress poster in Cleveland: http://vimeo.com/2170116

Posted by: Joshua Gerken on 05/08/09 at 6:47 AM

Thanks for the shout out! It means A LOT coming from you sir. Here’s the link to my good friend the Cranky Pressman. He does some amazing letterpress work.




Posted by: Mikey on 05/08/09 at 7:52 AM

That shirt is priceless. First time I laughed out loud all day.

Posted by: Nate on 05/08/09 at 1:43 PM

Gallery of Book Trade Labels. Love it.

Posted by: Mike Albaugh on 06/03/09 at 12:07 PM
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