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Draplin Design Co., North America


WON’T BE MISSING THIS ONE FOR ANYTHING: A doc coming called American Artifact about rock posters.

A couple years back I was in Diesel Fuel Prints in Portland picking up an order of DDC torso covers. Waiting, I noticed this big, scary figure in the back pulling screens. It was none other than Frank Kozik, and man, he’s a scary fucker. Tattoos and all. I just thought it was cool to see him breaking a sweat back there on his posters. I guess I thought a guy of his stature and name wouldn’t be actually printing the posters. I thought that was great and another reason to love rock poster art that much more. Thank you, Mr. Kozik.

Here’s an intense gallery of his work over the years. Click on the years. Very impressive. Great color.

The image above is a Peter Max classic. Where so much of this stuff started. Much respect.

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PHEW: The Lips and their epic “Do You Realize” slips on by the backwards legislators, and Oklahoma gets that much cooler. So, all you naysayers, just ask yerself, when the fuck was a song from the Yeah Yeah No Ways or Arcade Fart or whatever horseshit alternative act recognized like this? It just says something about the Lips, and how sticking to yer guns can reach even the highest mountain peaks. It’s not like these guys changed to fit some demographic.

For all of us who loved them all these years, this doesn’t really matter…but it’s just cool to see people catching on to what makes them so great, and in such a big, weird way. Bravo, guys, bravo. I do realize.

- - - -

MORE WAYNE, WITH SOME MICHELLE: Take a little tour inside Wayne and Michelle’s Oklahoma compound, and hear them talk about their “big ass fan.”

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FROM CANADA, TO THE NORTH: Just about the greatest drink coasters ever.

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I’VE JUST GOT A THING FOR THINGS CALLED, “SKYWAY.”: I instantly think about Minneapolis and those building connectors that cross the streets. And then I think about the ‘Mats song. And then I think about the future. Don’t know where this is going. Back down to earth…

Akron, Ohio’s Joseph Hughes comes in real hot with a couple shots from the Skyway Drive-In. Here and here. Thanks, man. Good eye.

And here’s another one that is anything but Skyway-centric, but is just amazing in its own right: The Kent Mold & Manufacturing Co.

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I met Kozik at Diesel Fuel a few years back as well. They were doing a live web auction of some 13 color prints that Frank was printing right then…..pretty intense! One hell of a talent.


Posted by: Don Brown on 05/04/09 at 11:25 AM

I just about flipped when I saw those coasters on the C.D.R. the other day. Canadian centennial stuff never fails to make me a proud Canadian. Gotta love that leaf.

Posted by: Jon Johnson on 05/04/09 at 11:05 PM

Mikey Burton and Cranky Pressman have been doing some great work as of late.

Check out his “Don’t lose heart” coasters.

Makes us Ohioans proud.


Posted by: Ben Smith on 05/07/09 at 1:16 PM
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